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Forums - Gaming Discussion - I am underwhelmed by my 4K TV and maybe X1X already has the GPU power for 9th gen.

Yeah, I think next gen the hardware makers and developers will definitely take into account the likeliness that the majority of homes will not benefit hugely from Native 4k. Not everyone can afford or even wants to sit 5ft away from their 50" 4k TV. A checker boarding solution seems the best fit IMO. Supersample for the 1080p screens, offer a nice upgrade for the 4k screens but all whilst allowing GPU prowess to put on things which everyone will benefit from like VFX, lighting, FPS etc.

They could go the PC route and all next gen games will come in 2 performance modes. 1080p (Ultra GFX) and 4k (Mid-low GFX). My fear here is that one of the modes will be unoptimised, i.e the 1080p version wouldn't really utilise the underused GPU and devs will just increase the FPS.

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Screenshot said:
Mr Puggsly said:

Not sure what that means. My 1080p 40 inch was much cheaper by the way and a less notable brand. My Vizio is 50 inches and has quadruple the pixel count, Im saying the difference is relatively minor unless you're looking closely for differences.

But the objectively noticeable improvment is what the X1X does on any screen. The higher native resolution gets rid of jaggies, the increased graphics and performance is also significant. Hence, I didnt need a TV upgrade per se because the X1X was already fixing the flaws I could see on 1080p screen. The extra sharpness I'm getting the new TV is less significant.

Point is neither X1X or the PRO are powerful enough to showcase 4k properly. We are still at least 3+ gpu generations away. So the current games don't showcase it either. Especially draw distance in open world games.  Comparing 1080p to 4k in console games is rather pointless due to the current hardware limitations. I game on pc and upgraded from a 37" 1080p to a 40"k tv 2 years ago. It is more noticeable on pc since you can crank up the graphics beyond default in many games. However, you should see the difference watching You Tube videos or movies in 4k or 8k downsampled to 4k which looks even better if you can stream 8k.

Not really a valid argument you're making. But if your sentiment is modern games shouldn't be wasting resources on 4K, I can see your point.

We are in a world with 4K TVs and the premium consoles do provide content for that resolution, but its also a case of diminishing returns. I mean 1/4 the pixel count of 1080p looks like trash on a HD TV. While 1/4 of 4K is still a sharp picture.

4K video is going to look better primarily because its a higher bitrate. I mean a 720p video can look better than a 1080p video. YouTube 1080p video is pretty good quality but they're also trying to limit the bandwidth usage.

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