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Forums - Movies Discussion - GhostBusters 2020 teaser trailer

I have a feeling this is going to turn into a shitty teenage romcom. What we need is sweaty middle aged dudes busting some ghosts, not some weak ass bunch of teenage boys and girls.
Now that I think of how much of a possibility that is, I am no longer interested until we see a cast.

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Skeptical optimism is all i can give this movie after the last movie

This trailer has more ghostbusters than that horrible slapstick crap we got.

The only reason I have faith in this is, the new director is taking over from his dad who made the originals. He himself has said this will be like the originals.

Although he has acknowledged it, in really hoping he will bring back the intelligent comedy and seriousness from the originals.

Wow.. i'm interested. We will see for how long

for me this is like any DC movie, skeptical optimism for now but with a strong sense of fear as to what it will end up being.

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melbye said:
Skeptical optimism is all i can give this movie after the last movie

No queef jokes, no misandrist jokes (no men intentionally made to look like idiots to push a sexist man-hating narrative) and no Melissa McCarthy.

Oh come on, it can't be as bad as that 2016 abomination.

Speaking of which, that reminds me: 

El oh el.

that teaser was better than the entire last movie.

Good news, Ernie Hudson suggested that he and the rest of the original main cast were willing to return, though they are waiting on final confirmation from Sony about rather or not they will be returning. Another source says that Dan Aykroyd was the driving force behind the movie and completed the original script treatment for the movie, which Jason Reitman and Gil Kenan are modifying. The source says that Dan wants Ghostbusters to be remembered positively by old fans and the next generation (a clear dig at Ghostbusters 2016).

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KManX89 said:

Yes, guys, a new GhostBusters is coming, and yes, it's ignoring that godawful 2016 reboot and a sequel to the first 2 films, so spare your pitchforks.

*happy tears* If only Harold Ramis could see this. :)

Give me practical effects please.