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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Switch is home console seeing the fastest software sales so far in Nintendo's history, Smash Bros sold 5m in first week

Shiken said:
HoangNhatAnh said:

Ah, that game. I just remember about this, with this, you won't have to use dock mode to play it

You are reaching bud.  For one, you have to buy an extra 3rd party device.  By that logic the PS4 is portable due to remote play.


But lets just give credit to table top mode are still not using it as a portable.  The device is stationary and cannot be used on the go.  It is no different than bringing your PS4 and X1 with you and plugging it into a small TV.  The only difference is that the Switch makes it easier.


So no, you cannot play Super Mario Party in handheld mode.  However there are no handheld games that cannot be played docked.  This is because the Switch is a home console designed as a hybrid to allow you to take most games with you on the go.

iirc VOEZ needs the Touchscreen, and several Labo variations cannot be played docked.

On the other hand, playing games like Super Mario Party or Just Dance undocked, while in theory possible, is wildly unpractical.

So yeah, it is a true hybrid as games need both possibilities, docked and undocked play

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Shiken said:
HoloDust said:

It really isn't - in essence it's a custom designed gaming tablet that comes with controllers and dock that enables it to connect to TV (which can be replaced with 3rd party cable bundles that do the same thing). Everything else is Nintendo's clever marketing....which obviously works.

Incorrect, as it actually functions differently based on being docked and undocked.  One can easily point out how it was designed as a console, but added the screen and the ability to downclock the CPU/GPU when undocked to allow for portability.  It is not capable of outputting docked performance in handheld mode as it was designed for console play.


If it was just a tablet with an HDMI out, then you might have a point.  But it isn't, as it actually changes what it does based on being dockdd/undocked.

Incorrect, it is built around mobile SoC in custom tablet format, with additional piece of hardware (that is replaceable by simple 3rd party cable bundle) that gives it constant power supply, thus providing GPU inside SoC ability to work at higher clock than in battery mode (all clocks decided by Nintendo engineers, since it doesn't come anywhere near Tegra X1's max clock). Just like some other tablet solutions out there....

Just to remember that notebooks have the select the performance and natural change between battery and power cord since forever.

Also that having one game that plays only docked (was show to not be really the only option) doesn't make it home console, unless you want to put 3DS and N3DS as 2 different gens (same ad GB, GBA, GBC or DS and DSi) because some games only played on N3DS, DSi or GBA/GBC.

If a game launched for Switch that changes what you can do while undocked (like Metal Gear Solid and Monster Hunter for PSP and PSVita that had some functions that used GPS to define the content) would that make Switch a HH?

And being Switch derived from Shield then it hold most similarities with Shield than anything else, it isn't just the CPU. Because if you want to use it that way, then both PS4 and X1 are portable because they use a portable grade CPU.

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