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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - GameXplain: 10 Lessons that 2D Mario can learn from Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze

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I consider NSMBU and NSL to be the worst NSMB games yet, so I was pretty disappointed to hear they were getting ported as I knew they would likely sell well enough that Nintendo would feel no motivation to make new installments...
But seeing as I don't just buy video games for myself, I may end up getting it for my nephew, as I know he will enjoy it...
Plenty of kids don't care about these conversations and neither do their parents...
I would love to see NSMB elevated to the incredible experience that the Mario brand deserves but if the kids are happy then I'm happy...
They can have NSMBU and I'll stick to DKTF, Odyssey, and BotW...

Have a nice day...

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zippy said:
One thing NSMUD doesn't need to learn from Tropical freeze is how to rake in the cash. Although not as ambitious etc as the video explains, it is much more accessible to lesser skilled gamers. Really its nice to have the best if both worlds surely

Sadly Mario's sales are what keeping it from being more ambitious. One thing I think is important is that the video isn't asking for Mario to not be as accessible (ie: become as difficult as DK is, or abandon the mutliplayer focus) it currently is, but for it to not be as bland and rehashed as it currently feels.

manuel said:
Looks like I need o get Tropical Freeze some time.

If you've not played TF before, you should definitely make some time. Its one of the best platformers I have played.


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I hate how DKC and 2D Mario are always compared to one another, because they are quite different in their approach to the genre, to me it's the equivalent of comparing Mario Kart to F-Zero or whatever. Total nonsense.

It's also a particularly silly thing to talk about because of how good Tropical Freeze is - the best in its genre, I would say -, so it should go without saying that anyone making a 2D platformer should be taking notes from it. Nintendo would probably be too proud for that, but in this case (a port) it really doesn't matter.

I will support any recognition that DKC Tropical Freeze receives. In my opinion, I think that the design of Mario levels in 2D can improve quite a bit, likewise the soundtrack.

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