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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - SSB Ultimate: Lackluster Single Player Modes?


Do you feel Single Player Modes are lacking?

Yes 7 22.58%
No 24 77.42%
Didn't notice a change 0 0%

Hello VGC, it's me again, long time no see everyone around her, nice to be back.

My question goes straight to the point, do you feel that this time around, the single player experience has been lackluster when compared to the previous entries?

Somehow I feel it, Ultimate was my most anticipated game in years. However my excitement began to wore off as I advanced through the WoL campaign. It started feeling repetitive and a chore that I felt I must finish but didn't want to, since nothing surprising was happening along the way, save for the homage to the different series in the submaps (DKC, Street Fighter, Castlevania, etc).
It felt like a chore indeed, albeit an easy one. I felt no sense of challenge and the rewards were lame. Taking away trophies was a terrible decision, since they added a huge feel of completionism to the game like no other game did. This time around spirits were too lazy and too simple (no description of the characters you were unlocking, not even an animation or small video sample of where they came from). WoL's map felt rushed and very low value, you get almost no cutscenes and story makes little to no sense.

They also removed or didn't include home run contest, true all star mode, event mode (Events were much more fun than unique spirits fights), subspace or adventure mode, trophy rush, race to the finish, break the targets, masterpieces, stickers, collection view.
Classic mode is the only mode were things got better, however the mii characters are missing, kind of lame.

It's true, this time around the characters, stages and song list are enormous, but there's not that much new content.
Very few new stages and songs, characters to a certain extent, since you have to pay to get 6 of them.

I'm not entirely disappointed with the game, but it was so easy to finish and get everything in such little time, that there's no incentive in going back. I'm halfway through new game+ and it's no fun at all, nothing even changes. I have all spirits and am currently leveling them to their max. I honestly don't know what else to do. I've tried online multiplayer but it sucks. Local is great as always, better than ever I'd say.

Sakurai was probably only given 1 year to make a new smash and he chose multiplayer quantity over quality/replayability.


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Coming from Smash 4? Nah.

No. The exact opposite. I know I've been critical about the lack of "cutscenes" with actual character interactions for World of Light, but other than that I actually loved every second of it. Unlocking the world, going through portals to secret areas (some of which my jaw dropped). I've spent 85 hours on Smash Ultimate so far and probably only about 15 hours of that has been multiplayer. Yes... I have played and enjoyed the single player way more so far than any other Smash title, including Subspace. I love the Spirits. About 50 away from the full list.


Trust me, with all the characters in this game, you would probably despise true All-Star mode after the third or fourth playthrough.

In all seriousness though, I will agree that Ultimate felt like the easiest game to 100% all the challenges, and World of Light, while I personally enjoyed it, did drag on a bit near the end, but the first playthrough was well worth the experience, but there's nothing to really gain from a second playthrough nor New Game +, and once you collect every spirit in the game, there's no real reason to ever go back to the spirit submenu outside of the DLC spirits they appear to be slowly adding in via updates (praying for some Persona themed spirits).

I personally enjoyed collecting spirits, and thought them replacing trophies was understandable given the sheer amount of universes and characters in Smash, but I do miss the flavor text and descriptions they gave to trophies, and was one thing I was bummed out that they omitted.

I know side modes like Home Run contest has its fans, but I can understand their omission considering the changes to the mechanics, and its obviously not something people really messed around with in a common scenario; if you're with friends, you're gonna be playing the regular Smash mode, and if you're alone, you're probably either doing Classic mode, World of Light, or online.

If there are some things that I do miss that would be reasonable requests, it would be a slightly better race to the finish bonus game (the one in Ultimate wears out its welcome after the third time, and Melee showed that you can have a single track while being dynamic with the difficulty and still never getting old after multiple playthroughs thanks to multiple pathways and the different time limits for each character) and coin launcher from Brawl, which was one of the best sidemodes in Smash ever IMO.

But yea, I am content with Ultimate's content overall, and I appreciate it over Smash 4 solely for having cleaner menus and a cleaner presentation overall, but I do think it's very easy for a completionist to clean out every corner this game has to offer, and unless you're a competitive player who is practicing to get better everyday and is trying to grind out as many characters as possible, there probably isn't too much replay value once they finish World of Light, clear out the challenge board, and obtain every possible collectable.

More than 30 hours in, 20 hours of which I've played World of Light and I've yet to even touch Classic mode & more so I'll just politely disagree.

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Happy with it. World of light more than 30 hours and enjoying every minute of it

I' 105 hours so far, counting MP and it was a blast. The best smash in amount of content, no doubt, but the overall package lacks some polish and content. WoL was fantastic in certain aspects, but the lack of challenge does finally show.

Thanks for all the replies!

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Pandora's Tower will have an opening week of less than 37k in Japan. (Won!)
Pandora's Tower will sell less than 100k lifetime in Japan.
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World of Light is great. Classic Mode is great. i dont miss Home Run Contest or Target Smash. im really just upset that theres no custom stages

There's a lot about this game that could be better, but it's nice to know that they improved at the single-player content substantially from 4. I haven't gotten very far in World of Light because I honestly just haven't found it that fun, but even unlocking all characters through regular Smash took me about a week (and I was playing a decent amount even), and the Classic mode is a surprisingly convincing time waster considering it doesn't seem like a ton of development time needed to be put into it (lots of great easter eggs and nods as well as some very M-rated jokes make it a treat, and the GSP rating helps, then again I'd just prefer a scoreboard).

However while I will wait until finishing World of Light to give my final opinion on it, just reiterating how long it is isn't doing it any favors. I've heard it drags on for people, some stating it's just the last few hours, others saying it's more than half it's run. I don't know if they'r right but if I had to choose between a 20 hour campaign that wasn't very good and a 10 hour campaign that was great, I'd choose the latter.

While Ultimate does suffer a little bit from a lack of truly new content, to imply that this was only developed in one year is crazy. Pretty much all of the maps that were made before 4 were given a huge face lift and even some of the ones from 4 I'd imagine have been slightly improved. The characters are for the most part extremely balanced and a lot of the newcomers have some of the most interesting movesets in the game. You wrote in your OP that "Sakurai was probably only given 1 year to make a new smash and he chose multiplayer quantity over quality/replayability", which to me sounds like the problem that 4 suffered from, not this game.

Would I like Ultimate to have single player which appeals to my personal senses more? Absolutely, and truthfully I think there's a lot of heavy criticism that can be given. But as long as games like Smash 4 and Ultimate are given a 2.5 year development time, we're never going to get the "Ultimate" Smash Brothers ... there will always be things the previous games did better, because development times are only going up and even with a bigger staff on hand there's just so much you can focus on at a time. I would love the next Smash Bros to be developed over many many years, but at this rate I don't think that'll happen ... it's not necessary to get the kind of sales the series has gotten.

I'm sorry, World of Light is just not for me. It's a glorified Event mode. Love the bosses though. Still waiting on an evolution of the Subspace mode. But the fact that Break the Targets, and Home Run Contest are gone is concerning...especially if you're calling it Ultimate and some of the original modes for 4 games aren't there. Modes like Board the Platforms would be cool if they made a return too.

But the Classic mode is a step up from previous entries, gotta give them credit on that one. But the single player modes for me, are shallow at best.

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