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Hello VGC, it's me again, long time no see everyone around her, nice to be back.

My question goes straight to the point, do you feel that this time around, the single player experience has been lackluster when compared to the previous entries?

Somehow I feel it, Ultimate was my most anticipated game in years. However my excitement began to wore off as I advanced through the WoL campaign. It started feeling repetitive and a chore that I felt I must finish but didn't want to, since nothing surprising was happening along the way, save for the homage to the different series in the submaps (DKC, Street Fighter, Castlevania, etc).
It felt like a chore indeed, albeit an easy one. I felt no sense of challenge and the rewards were lame. Taking away trophies was a terrible decision, since they added a huge feel of completionism to the game like no other game did. This time around spirits were too lazy and too simple (no description of the characters you were unlocking, not even an animation or small video sample of where they came from). WoL's map felt rushed and very low value, you get almost no cutscenes and story makes little to no sense.

They also removed or didn't include home run contest, true all star mode, event mode (Events were much more fun than unique spirits fights), subspace or adventure mode, trophy rush, race to the finish, break the targets, masterpieces, stickers, collection view.
Classic mode is the only mode were things got better, however the mii characters are missing, kind of lame.

It's true, this time around the characters, stages and song list are enormous, but there's not that much new content.
Very few new stages and songs, characters to a certain extent, since you have to pay to get 6 of them.

I'm not entirely disappointed with the game, but it was so easy to finish and get everything in such little time, that there's no incentive in going back. I'm halfway through new game+ and it's no fun at all, nothing even changes. I have all spirits and am currently leveling them to their max. I honestly don't know what else to do. I've tried online multiplayer but it sucks. Local is great as always, better than ever I'd say.

Sakurai was probably only given 1 year to make a new smash and he chose multiplayer quantity over quality/replayability.


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