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2009 won't be epic at all. But like I've been saying since mid 2008: 2009 was going to be the slowest year ever for any Nintendo console concerning 1st party games. It's true, only 5 new games this year.

But on the other hand, in 2008 I also said that 2010 was going to be the most epic Wii year on its entire lifetime when it comes to 1st party releases, and you just watch because next year will be glorious. IMO 2009 was the worst year ever when it comes to 1st party Nintendo games, but next year will be amazing.

Prediction made in 2008 and many called me a Nintendo Troll/Terrible Wii hater but the prophecy was indeed fullfilled.

And this marks my first post as a VGChartz Obsessive. 5000th post!

Proud poster of the 10000th reply at the Official Smash Bros Update Thread.

tag - "I wouldn't trust gamespot, even if it was a live comparison."

Bets with Conegamer:

Pandora's Tower will have an opening week of less than 37k in Japan. (Won!)
Pandora's Tower will sell less than 100k lifetime in Japan.
Stakes: 1 week of avatar control for each one.

Fullfilled Prophecies