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Updated the OP with the real name for Tingle RPG 2.

And looking back into all the comments, it looks like my prediction for the amount of games Nintendo was going to release this year is almost perfect.

I predicted 2 GC ports and 1 new game for Q3 and we are getting Metroid Prime Trilogy which consists of 2 Gamecube Ports and a Wii rerelease, and we are also getting WSR which is a new game.

For Q4 I predicted 2 new games and a GC port. Until now, we are getting NSMBWii and Wii Fit+ which are 2 new games (WF+ is more like an expansion, don't know if it should be counted as a new game) and no GC ports.

The year so far actually looks like this:

Q1 - 2 GC ports
Q2 - 1 GC port and 2 new games
Q3 - 2 GC ports and 1 new game
Q4 - 2 new games

Total 2009 - 5 new games, down 3 from the 8 new games we saw in 2008.

My prediction made last year about 2009 being the slowest year ever for any Nintendo console regarding 1st party titles is proven right.

Do you guys think we might see any other game released this year, or will it stand out in history as the slowest year ever concerning Nintendo titles?

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