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Forums - Sales Discussion - Global Hardware 15 December 2018

Lol, This week sales thread is huge. I didn't notice that.

My prediction in 2021.

SW: 30m

PS5 16m

XBS: 7.5m

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curl-6 said:

I don't think it's far fetched to speculate that the Switch's audience is on average older than that of PS4/Xbone. Kids mostly want to play what their older siblings/peers are playing, hence M-rated games like Call of Duty and GTA being swamped by preteens. At that age, the desire to emulate adulthood is a normal part of the maturation process. To a lot of kids aged, say 10-18, (or even older than 18 in some cases) they want nothing to do with things seen as "kiddy" and only want to play "grownup" stuff, hence they ask their parents for a PS4 or an Xbox One instead of a Switch cos those are seen as the serious systems for grownups.

There comes a time later in the maturation process however where most people realize that trying to be grownup is in fact a trait of adolescence, not maturity, and that grownups play whatever they damn well please, be it E rated or R rated. As such, people who have reached true maturity are more likely to want a Switch than an adolescent.

Look at Switch's advertising; it's primarily geared towards hip urban professionals in their late twenties and thirties. The very design of the system is geared towards adults with a busy work life who need to squeeze in their gaming when they can between their job, looking after kids, etc.

Let us also remember that those who grew up with old school Nintendo in the 80s and 90s are approaching middle age now; the Switch is drawing a lot of these "lapsed" older fans back in by taking franchises like Zelda and 3D Mario back to their roots and providing more attractive hardware that an older fan wouldn't scoff at the way they did with Wii U.

You are quite right to speculate but that's all it is, unless someone does a comprehensive survey. what is known is the Playstation began the rise of the 18 -30 year old demographic and this was further entrenched with the xbox, so you had games aimed at a generation coming up from  the nes snes era  and those gamers combining with a slightly older demographic coming  from home computers who with the demise of C64 Amiga/Amstrad etc were looking for a new outlet to continue their gaming that was cheaper than PC. these were all drivers toward gaming no longer being seen as largely the domain of children, this change didn't come without its faults it put games and companies into boxes labeled kiddie or adult .Today we are  a mature medium that caters for all ages even though some ignorant media and politicians would lead you to believe otherwise, just look at the proposed tax on M rated games. Now as you mentioned  gaming is old enough that having several generations gaming from the one family isn't uncommon and people are shaped by their youth, most people who loved (insert your media of chose) in their childhood retain that throughout life. Whether they are coming back to Nintendo because of the Switch who knows, general consensus for  the Wii seemed to be casual gamers attracted by the controls where the main reason for the expansion beyond the 20- 30 mill range of the previous consoles, whatever the reason history will show  Nintendo's decision forced or not,to face up to the age of mobile media by bringing together the Software under one umbrella lead by the Switch was a master stroke.

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