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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Furukawa Says Nintendo Could One Day Shift Away From Console Development

CaptainExplosion said:
Cloudman said:
Well, it could happen one day. Gaming may not last forever and people could end up losing interest, so Nintendo would have to move on to something else, which I think they'll be fine with. They've done other things before gaming. This won't happen for a long time though.

I refuse to let there be a future without video games in 50 years.

Yeah, it'd be sad if gaming came to an end, but it is possible. Not sure when or if we'll see it.



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Soundwave said:
WolfpackN64 said:

Nvidia talks a lot.

Exactly, but that changes when basically the Tegra line is only for Nintendo. Then Nintendo tells them "well we'd rather you didn't talk about this because everyone and their grandma will know this is for our next Switch" or whatever. Since Nintendo is basically their only vendor for mass produced Tegra chips, they likely are willing to respect that. 

Whatever the equivalent of Tegra X3 was supposed to be likely already exists inside Nvidia and Nintendo's R&D labs, Nvidia is simply not going to talk about it because Nintendo doesn't want them to. 

I still doubt NVIDIA is going to make a chip just for Nintendo. Their entire Tegra business has been shifting to automotive and high-end embedded.

My prediction is that Nintendo might use the TX2 for a souped-up Switch and that'll be the end of their partnership.