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Forums - General Discussion - Where are you from?


Where are you from?

North America 41 31.06%
South America 16 12.12%
Africa 2 1.52%
Europe 55 41.67%
Asia 6 4.55%
Australia 4 3.03%
Antarctica 1 0.76%
I'm from a little island ... 7 5.30%

I'm from Cordeiropolis, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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melbye said:
Oslo, Norway. But i kinda feel like my soul left for the United States years ago

An Americophile eh? Well, of all the "phile's" one could be, it's not the worst. Oslo looks like an awesome city. I've wanted to live there for a while now. It'll never happen, but the desire is there.

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bamf said:
Manchester, England. I moved from a nice area to a shit hole to be closer to work.

Post of the thread so far. :)

- "If you have the heart of a true winner, you can always get more pissed off than some other asshole."

Britain, but as that wasnt on there, and dont consider my self "European"" i voted for a little island not on poll

São Paulo, Brazil. Our Christmas has no snow, but very hot sunny days, so we celebrate it by the beaches.

Before even opening the thread and aswering the pool , I was sure that most of us would be probably European.... I think I was right after all.

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From NJ in the United States. But my parents moved to NY when I was 6.

East-Flanders, Belgium. Born in Ghent, but never actually lived in the city itself.

New Delhi, India. So pretty much I'm the only person on this forum that's from Asia.


edit: though now we live in Vancouver, Canada.

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COKTOE said:
Regina, Sask, Canada. Home of Deadpool and Brock Lesnar. Oh, and comedy legend Leslie Nielson. My city is full of shit-kicking hillbillies, and allows open pit fires in any back yard. So, any group of jagoffs that wants to can stare at fire like cavemen while they eat food with their fists, stinking up entire neighborhoods as they go.

I've only ever been there once for a sports event so I didn't get to see much of the city but I did like what I saw!


Newfoundland, Canada for me.

Good ol U.S. Of A.


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