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Seems the final season of SFV won't get a season pass for the DLC characters so they either have to be bought individually or acquired with fight money, when you consider the fight money for ads option added into the game recently this likely all ties in with each other.

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Machiavellian said:
Darwinianevolution said:

I never believed this to be the case. Between 2014 and 2015 they had released three Monster Hunter games for the 3DS, all of them selling more than 4 million copies each. Plus Dead Rising 3 and a bunch of cheap re-releases. They were not lacking money, especially not for their biggest IP. They released SFV in 2016. Either this game took too much money to make (which would be Capcom's fault in the end) or they just fed us that lie to keep the exclusivity deal with Sony (which, once again, Capcom's fault).

You are confusing other games success with Street Fighter.  Those other games do not determine if any other games get funding instead those other games will continue to be made because they are successful.  If Sony had to come to the rescue for street fighter then its evident that capcom did not see the series as a success or not successful enough to continue funding new versions.  I believe gamers forget that creating games is a business and if a product is not performing up to par then usually it get cut or put on hiatus.

But Street Fighter IV did really well for itself with these kind of numbers you'd think they'd be able to fund the sequel.

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darkknightkryta said:
Mnementh said:

Yeah, still kinda low in a paid game.

Ads or Capcom cuts off support for the game?  Updates aren't cheap and the money coming in is most likely less than the money going into development.  Sales for season 3 season pass was probably terrible, which is most likely why they didn't announce a season pass for season 4.  Besides, the way Capcom Cup played out, they probably put the ads into the game to streamline things for tournament streams.  They're probably also gearing up for F2P SF V or SF VI will launch F2P.

Simple, go to the multiplatform route. The game had bad sales (Street Fighter has sold 3 million per platform) because it's only in the PS ecosystem, in videogames. Sales of the 3DS port is 1.4 million the new game and version only sells 2.5 million, despite the investment?

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I saw these and the first thought that came to mind is they are the opposite of subtle.

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I think if they want to go the hard way with microtansations, they need the game to be F2P. At this point, very few new players buy the game anyways. As F2P at least they could give it a try, and if they get hooked, they will probably pay for costumes and so forth.

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Well, Capcom dipped their toes into the cesspool, pulled their feet to their face, sniffed, and found it smelled like shit. Just testing! These scat merchants will be back.

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weren't the ads for capcoms pro tour? boy gamers sure find the stupidest shit to complain about

Baddman said:
weren't the ads for capcoms pro tour? boy gamers sure find the stupidest shit to complain about

That can only justify it for a very small portion of the userbase,the others still have to look at adds they got nothing with after purshasing a 60 bucks game, or experience a more grindy game. I wish they just bring a more complete game at the start for the next streetfighter and they might sell better.

Ka-pi96 said:
eh, if it doesn't seem out of place in the game I don't really see a problem with adverts. In fact I'd argue in the case of realistic games that they actually make the game better. I mean, having real products and real brands in the game definitely makes it seem more realistic.

Guiles advert costume has the Logo where his American Flag Tattoo would be on his arm... so the patriotic army man Guile would replace the flag with an advert... doesn't really fit, also Dhalsim has a logo on one of the skulls around his neck, I'm fairly sure they're skulls of kids that were killed in his village... now he is selling advertising space on them? That's fairly out of place to me.


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