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Which Mario Kart is your favourite?

Super Mario Kart 3 3.95%
Mario Kart 64 7 9.21%
Mario Kart Super Circuit 0 0.00%
Mario Kart Double Dash!! 13 17.11%
Mario Kart DS 2 2.63%
Mario Kart Wii 5 6.58%
Mario Kart 7 2 2.63%
Mario Kart 8 44 57.89%

8 is the best. It just simply is better in every way than the others. Goijf forward, I'd like to see more variation in the performance characteristics of the karts. Like now there are a bunch if karts, but really only a few different sets of stats. So, more variation there would be ny top wish.

On a related note, I'm really dissapointed in 8D. It's the same game from 4 years ago, just rereleased with a tiny bit of new stuff. And, for that, we'll get an extra few years if waiting for the true next entry in the series.

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Cloudman said:
This will be blasphemous to read, but I never played Double Dash. It just completely past me by for some reason.

So I have to give it to MK8 instead.

During the GCN days I took a little break from gaming and focused on a few games. MKDD i only played once I had a Wii and could load GCN games in it lol. So not all that strange tbh.



Mario Kart 8 is probably objectively the best one, but I’ll still vote for 64. It’s just one of the most fun times I’ve ever had with a video game. It also really meant something to me. You can say that’s nostalgia, which it very well could be, but it’s a powerful thing.

I've only played 8 and Double dash, but 8 is my favorite.

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It's a secret ballot. I did vote for Super Mario Kart though. Enjoyed it more than Mario Kart 64, which was the last kart racer I spent a decent amount of time with. Tried Diddy Kong Racing and it didn't do it for me at all. Spent an hour or two with the Burger King kart game, PocketBike Racer on XB360. Was basically done with the kart sub-genre over 2 decades ago. Truly loved Super Mario Kart though. Easy pick. As for the future, idunno.

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Mario Kart 8 and MK64 are my most favorites.

What I want from future Mario Kart game is to be expand on Mario Kart 8,
so more characters, cups and tracks from other Nintendo franchises, make it essentially Nintendo Kart instead of Mario Kart.
So imagine Zelda Cup, Animal Crossing Cup, F-Zero Cup, Splatoon Cup, Metroid Cup, Star Fox Cup, Pikmin Cup, Yoshi Cup, Donkey Kong Cup, Kyrby Cup, Luigis Cup and of course couple of standard Mario Kart Cups.

Mario Kart DS for me. So many other kids on my bus had DSes, and we'd race each other all the time. Not only that, but this game had a pretty good battle mode (including the option for balloon battle with stocks), the mission mode, and the beginnings of online capabilities. Granted, it was still pretty basic, but for a DS game at the time I'd say it was fine. The retro tracks were a blast as well. Seriously, this game pushed the series forward in some big ways, and still does some things better than the newer entries.

My only complaint is they phoned it in a bit more than usual with some of the easier tracks, particularly in the Mushroom and Flower cups.  I'm pretty sure everyone's made fun of Figure 8 Circuit and Yoshi Falls already.  Though I guess all the games are guilty of this to an extent, so I wouldn't say it ruins the game.  And even though this game dropped the ball with some of the beginner tracks, I'd say there are enough classic tracks here to more than make up for them, such as Waluigi Pinball, Airship Fortress, Tick Tock Clock, etc.

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64 then 8 deluxe and there shouldn't be a 9 until next gen

Mario Kart 8 by a margin. It blew me away on release. Double dash and DS were also amazing. Tbh I doubt there will be an mk9 this gen so I would like to see a nintendo themed racer. Not an mk clone but in a similar vein with the cast and vehicles and themed worlds based on nintendos vast catalouge. F-zero, starfox, metroid, pokemon, animal crossing, pikmin, dk, luigis mansion, excite bike/truck/bots, splatoon, pokemon, xenoblade, earthbound, piolot wings, diddy kong racing, zelda, kirby etc.

Double Dash, is my most favorite.