Which Mario Kart is your favourite? Why is it your favourite?

 I think Mario Kart 8 Deluxe takes the crown for me. It simply has the most amount of content out of any Mario Kart game, has a good battle mode and runs very well on the Switch. My runner-ups are Mario Kart DS and 64. Mario Kart DS was amazing back in the day. It can't keep up with 8, but it has one thing still going for it: It would let you customise your single-player races more! You could choose how many races you wanted to do and I would often select 32 races and then play through the whole track selection. And Mario Kart 64 just has that weird charm. I don't know what it is but we even downloaded it on Wii U and had a blast. But of course it can't keep up with modern games.

What would you like to see in a future Mario Kart game? 

Whoa, that's hard. MK8 Deluxe just did so many things right. I'd generally like to see more options! Things like turning specific items / coins / etc. on or off and setting more detailed custom rules for multiplayer matches. A track / vehicle editor (if done right) would be great, although not necessary. And give us the Double Dash!! mode as an option - don't force us to play like this but maybe add it as a DLC mode for those who like it.

What improvements do you think are a MUST?

I think the new Mario Kart will have a hard time shining with the amount of content as there's just so much in MK8 Deluxe already. So I guess it will have to improve the graphics and atmosphere. But I'd really like a Small Ultimate approach: Give us ALL the retro tracks, multiple music tracks for each course to bring more variety and new gameplay modes. Also, more maps in battle mode (just bring back most of the old ones and things should be fine).

What do you think Nintendo will do in a future Mario Kart game?

I think it will keep the gameplay foundation they have established over the last few entries and that's a good thing. I doubt we'll see it on Switch, though. Instead it'll be an early title for the next Nintendo console - hopefully with a slew of new and retro content, like Smash Ultimate.