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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Smash Ultimate doesn't feel very casual friendly

Now im even more hyped to play it.

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So far I haven't had much of a struggle in WoL on normal, though I've only covered probably 30% of the map. Kirby's one of my best fighters (maybe THE best) so I usually just wail on enemies with him.

I simply maxed out a couple of spirit cards to 99 from each category (attack, grab, defense) and equip whichever gives me an advantage in a fight, tack on some augmented spirits to the cards (forget what those secondary spirits are called), and I'm good to go. Funny enough, the only times I've died multiple times to my recollection have been fluke items or environmental hazards like getting zapped into oblivion in the Pilot Wings stage or being rocketed up into the sky before I can avoid the item.

Classic Mode has been pretty simple for the most part though I start to run into problems once the intensity crosses the 7 mark.

Have unlocked like 20 fighters so far. Beat them all in one attempt, though I've had a few very close calls.


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Yeah, I've been fighting a while on WoL and oh my god .... that Bayonetta challenge i
on the racing track with her spamming her side-B was the f*cking bane of my existence !!!

Though I admit that I'm currently playing by the game's rules and not using spirits sometimes or using while being disavantaged for them sweat rewards and the challenge in itself !

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