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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Reviews! Metacritic: 93 OpenCritic: 92 Game Rankings: 92.25%


Will you get this game?

Yes 60 73.17%
No 22 26.83%

I'm going to be out of the box and say 90

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It's gonna be around 92, I'm sure of that.

If it gets below 9/10 I'll be shocked. I'm honestly not that big of a fan of Smash, but this one just looks good. I want to know why there's a god version of the magic hand. I wanna know how Kirby saves the day. I barely touched Smash 4, so this one will be like one massive epic fighting game for me. And since all fighters are included it won't be like Brawl where I just couldn't find a good main.

96 me thinks :3

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Yeah, a 92 seems about right.

95 easy peasy

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I’ll 93-94.

Ninety... three. Yeah 93.


Smash Bros 4 for Wii U was 92, so this game will most likely be higher than that.