Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Reviews! Metacritic: 93 OpenCritic: 92 Game Rankings: 92.25%

Will you get this game?

Yes 60 73.17%
No 22 26.83%

The ultimate reviews are here!!

My prediction: 90-93

Metacritic: 93 with 85 reviews

OpenCritic: 92 with 83 reviews (78 scored)

Game Rankings: 92.25% with 40 reviews

Here are several of the reviews available so far!

(IGN - 9.4) Written Review

(GameXplain - Liked a Lot)

(Destructoid - 9.5) Written Review

(Nintendo Life - 10) Written Review

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mZuzek said:

That's what it SHOULD get but we all know bias reviewers won't give that. So I vote for 94 on Metacritic and 92 on Opencritic

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It"ll be around 98.

95. I don't see how it can get lower than that based on the amount of sheer content in the game.

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mZuzek said:

That would be a great rating to see.

wombat123 said:
95. I don't see how it can get lower than that based on the amount of sheer content in the game.

Me neither. Over 70 characters to play (when every character is unlocked) is lot.

I guess it depends on what reviewers think of Spirits and World of Light. Otherwise, I find it hard for Smash Ultimate to be below 90. Not gonna guess the score, but I believe it will be well received.

I'll say 95 for Metacritic. Everyone, including reviewers, love Smash. It's got the usual Sakurai insane levels of polish with plenty of options and bonuses. It doesn't look like there's anything divisive and people seem inclined to greet this game as the 2nd coming of Melee (which is a miracle game itself). I'm expecting this one to be embraced.

93-94, no smash game has been lower than a 92 in the last 17 years other than "for 3DS".
It should be well received.