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Forums - General Discussion - My young friend got kidney stones yesterday his 26 years old

foodfather said:
Things like this can happen. I got shingles at 27. Thats what happens to pensioners ffs.

Do you have a weaken immune system? I thought that only happends to old people (like age 60+).

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Ganoncrotch said:
SvennoJ said:

Milk turned out not to be good for you either :/ When I stopped drinking milk my eczema went away! Doctors always blamed it on chocolate and pork, turned out to be milk. Yet we had to drink 4 glasses a day or more to stay healthy.

No one thing is the cure or killer for everyone, fuck it, if you've too much water you'll drown. Perhaps it was a mix of 4 glasses of water, and choc and pork that caused it? that to me sounds like the basis for a high calorie diet right there. Still though if you found it easier to drop the milk and keep on the Choc and Pork... I guess you could show that sample size of 1 to mean that Pork and Chocolate are good for you!

Lol I wasn't allowed pork or chocolate until I was old enough to buy it myself. Right handed yogurt instead. No clue what that does, yet I've been using hydrocortisone cream until I stopped drinking milk in my early thirties. I still drink it in my tea occasionally, a few drops don't hurt.