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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Pokemon Company: Let's Go sold 3 million in first 3 days

The Pokemon company has announced that Let's Go sold at least 3 million copies from the 16th to the 18th of November.

This is the largest opening for a Switch game to date.

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Nice! Congrats to Pokémon Let's Go! Enjoying it a lot.

Well fuck, that's a lot of sales, I was expecting less considering what I'd been hearing of the game beforehand, but I've now played it myself (Girlfriend bought Eevee and the Pokéball thing lol) and it's actually really fun, so I hope it goes on to do really well in the longrun too.

... Although I'm still REALLY looking forward to the next mainline game that goes back to the more traditional gameplay, lol :P

tfw people still thought Switch was gonna bomb despite Pokémon and Smash not being out yet

"Just for comparison Uncharted 4 was 20x bigger than Splatoon 2. This shows the huge difference between Sony's first-party games and Nintendo's first-party games."

Still hesitating between the Switch and the PSVR as a Christmas gift, but as a fan of the 1st gen, Detective Pikachu (made me want more Pokemon) and Let's Go might push me to choose the Switch...


I always said that Let's go would be very successful and even got pretty angry answers saying that "Pokémon spin off don't sell, no-one asked for that"... 

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Well.. there you go folks. Whatever you want to say about Let's Go or the series in general, the games are given favorable reviews and are selling really well so far. Congrats to Game Freak, Pokemon Company, Creatures Inc., and Nintendo.

Pokemon Lets Go has me like: 


Awesome sales numbers in only 3 days! game is gonna do great life time

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Wonder how well a mainline title will do.

Wonderful sales so far. Should have nice long legs too.


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KLAMarine said:
Wonder how well a mainline title will do.

It think it will do better than Let's Go, but I don't know how much better it will do.