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I don't see the point in registering for a porn site unless you are making videos and money. I would probably just do a funny pun with a video game or anime character.

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VAMatt said:
Who registers at porn sites anymore?

Those that leave hilarious comments 

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LivingMetal said:
bananaking21 said:

Shhushh. I don't want the op stealing that name from me. 

Inspiring, but I'm not too much into sex with fruit.  It's cool.

Wow... So racist..


All fruit is beautiful....


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Ganoncrotch said:
I'd use some sort of name which eluded to the size of my penis..... like a spin on gargantuan but then maybe with a play on a fun character from gaming too.

maybe LongSolidSnake? MegamanmeatX? Thiswangofmine? dunno!

Thiswangofmine Lmao

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VAMatt said:
Who registers at porn sites anymore?

Private trackers are a beautiful thing.

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