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Guessed by S.Peelman

One year ago, there was a certain game aspiring for the #1 spot on my list. It didn't make it, because I eventually decided that whatever game would dethrone Skyward Sword had to earn it by withstanding the test of time and really showing it deserves to be called my favorite game ever. Breath of the Wild faltered along the way, but surprisingly, in their third year around, this wolf and her little friend made it. They spent a couple years at #4, which wasn't too bad, but a third playthrough of Ōkami this year saw them leapfrogging all the way to the top. The question is: why?

There could be many answers to that question (some of which might I might have talked about here). It has one of my favorite soundtracks in gaming, with a plethora of epic, exciting, peaceful and beautiful compositions that really sell the classic Japanese folklore vibe in the best way it can. It has some of the best combat ever in a Zelda-like game, with several mechanics that go way deeper than they look at first, and many amazing bosses (the final battle itself is my favorite in gaming, hands down). It has a large and beautiful world that feels as fitting for an epic adventure as it does for an interesting take on classic Japan, amplified further by its beautiful artstyle that also brings the whole folklore vibe together. It has the Celestial Brush, an awesome mechanic that's explored in all sorts of ways, creating loads of interesting and fun puzzles across the game. It has a story unlike any other, with jaw-dropping plot twists and amazing character development, made possible through some of the best writing this medium's ever seen, dancing so seamlessly on the line between laugh-out-loud comedy and heartbreaking drama you can't help but admire its charm.

On its own, there's no denying this game is near perfect - but the golden answer to that question is a very simple one: It has made me feel like I did about Skyward Sword. Beyond the vast array of similarities between these two games (at one point I was thinking of hinting both of them together, and had quickly come up with 6 or 7 hints that could be applied to both games), they are both the only two games that truly floored me emotionally. There's something very special about a work of art making you care and feel for its fictitious world and characters, and connecting with you on such a deep level that it can cause your eyes to sweat for a few moments... or in the case of Ōkami, more like causing the eyes to rain.

Beyond Skyward Sword, Ōkami is possibly the only game that has resonated with me on a level similar to a certain movie I love quite a bit, to the point where it now holds a similar position in gaming as that film does for its own industry - and that's the position of being something I can always turn to in a moment of sadness or frustration, knowing it'll make me feel better. Of course, being a very long game means I don't often just pick up and play it for a little while to feel better, but when I do, it's always a beautiful journey that makes me forget of all the bad out there in the world - which, considering how bleak this year has been for real life, is a quality I've come to appreciate that much more.

I can only hope 2019 will be the return of a more childlike time, where people care more about having fun and loving one another, and value the beautiful work of artists such as the people who created this little masterpiece called Ōkami. I wish you all, and myself, a happy new year.


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mZuzek said:
S.Peelman said:

Lol I was totally fixed on Skyward Sword being #1, so I never considered the possibility of it being #2. Well played.

Then #1 is... Sma.. no.. Super Met.. no.. Breath of t.. no.. Star Fo.. Uhh what else does mZuzek like.. I know! It's Okami.

It's a shame for Liquid Laser because he had this one, but, yes.


S.Peelman said:
mZuzek said:

It's a shame for Liquid Laser because he had this one, but, yes.

I am not only extremely good, I am also fast as lightning.

And apparently lightning is faster than laser.

I leave the forum for a few hours and this is what happens.  That will teach me to not live on here 24/7. 

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The_Liquid_Laser said:

I leave the forum for a few hours and this is what happens.  That will teach me to not live on here 24/7. 

Based on S.Peelman's post, it also feels like he was checking my lists from previous years out, hm... so, how does it feel to lose to a filthy cheater?

Thanks mZuzek for hosting! Things got so crazy at the end of the year, I didn't have much time to submit hints and make guesses. Oh well, there's always next year :)


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

I was convinced, for the longest time, that no video game would crack the top three. One had been there since 1998; another since 2008; a third since 2012. And those were just the years I played them; in truth no game past 2001 was in my top three. Then came 2017 and Breath of the Wild. When I first started playing I thought to myself "this is great, sure, but I think I prefer A Link Between Worlds when it comes to modern Zelda games." Then I left the plateau.

I've been playing games for 30+ years. I've seen a lot. I don't think I've ever seen something like Breath of the Wild. It takes the dream of Zelda"miniature garden that [players] can put inside their drawer"—to new places with new gameplay possibilities. Sure, it's not as focused or as intentional as, say, Ocarina of Time, but its incredible atmosphere, engaging improvisational combat, addictive action-adventure loops, physical audacity, and mind-blowing emergent gameplay more than make up for any drawbacks. It's a masterpiece of game design and a triumphant celebration of player agency. It's everything I never knew I wanted. It's the best game I've ever played.

Got my top 50 in. Just in time. Wish I would have had more time to think about it. And play more games for that matter.

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Veknoid_Outcast said:

Thanks mZuzek for hosting! Things got so crazy at the end of the year

Yeah, they did. As a host, that means, well... it means the results thread will probably take a while to come out. There was so much going on this month, so many things to distract me (either forcefully or willingly) from this thread, it got really hard to make up time to compile everyone's lists, and it being my first time naturally means it takes me longer to do so, too. I wanted to try to make the results threads come out faster than they did in the past, but I guess this year it just wasn't meant to be.

Doubt it's coming before January 10th at earliest. Please understand, and all that.

Positions #50-#46 and honorable mentions:

Positions #45-#36:

Positons #35-#26:

Positions #25-#16:

Positions #15-#6:

Now, my top 5:

#5 - Kingdom Hearts II

What I like the most about this game: The incredibly fun, engaging and well balanced battle system, which is one of my favorites from any RPG; the magic of visiting worlds based on Disney movies that I grew up with (also, there's a world that I found it to be soooooo charming, named "Timeless River", based on the classic movie "Steamboat Willie"); the memorable moments that the story has (there's a particular event near the start of the game that is so sad); the epic and well designed boss fights; the varied and well designed regular enemy encounters; the interactions of Sora, Donald, and Goofy with the Disney characters (forgot to mention this for the first game); the ageless art-style and the fantastic soundtrack. I have so many fond memories of this game, I still remember my first few hours with it.

#4 - Chrono Trigger

What I like the most about this game: The endearing cast of characters (one of my favorites ever); the time travel story, which is incredibly well executed and full of memorable and impactful moments (for example, the scene in the pic below); the overall sense of being in an epic adventure that the game gives you, mainly thanks to the time travel story; the side-quests, as they help to flesh out the characters and have their own moving stories (all of them connected to the main plot in some way); the fun and fast-paced turn-based battle system and the Techs system (I love the idea of the double and triple techs); the ageless sprites and, of course, DAT soundtrack, which is one of my favorites.

#3 - NieR: Automata

What I like the most about this game: THE STORY, which is just so engaging, thought-provoking, and full of unforgettable moments: no story before had this kind of impact in me and I'm not sure if it will ever be topped, it's my favorite story from any video game; the very special relationship between YoRHa units 2B and 9S; the game's world, which has an incredibly deep lore; the overall desolate atmosphere of the game; the side-quests, as they show a lot of interesting lore and background of different side-characters, and many of them are thought-provoking like the main story; the combat system, which has many fun sub-systems to play around with; the chips system, the glorious soundtrack.

#2 - Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King

What I like the most about this game: The way it completely nails the sense of being in a big epic adventure thanks to its beautiful explorable world, which has a great variety of locations to visit and a lot of beautiful towns and secrets to find (as well as different modes of transportation through it, like the sabrecat or the ship); the cast of characters, all of whom have their own, well developed, backstories; the memorable story moments that it has; the turn-based battle system and the tension sub-system, which adds another layer of strategy to the combat; the memorable side characters and side activities, the Alchemy system, the gorgeous and ageless art-style and the soundtrack (the field theme gives me so much nostalgia).

#1 - Xenoblade Chronicles

What I like the most about this game: Its beautiful and expansive world, which gives the game a sense of scale that completely and utterly blowed me away in a way that no game had ever done before; the overall concept of the game's world (it being basically two huge dead titans) and all of its lore; the overarching plot and the super engaging story, which is full of memorable moments that made me have all kinds of emotions; the very likeable cast of characters and their backstories; the engaging battle system, which has a lot of strategic elements without it being too convoluted and overwhelming; the gameplay sub-systems (like gem crafting, the Skill Tree, Skill Links); the way the world changes according to the time of the day; the fantastic variety of enemies; the great art-direction, which makes up for the technical shortcomings; the magnificent soundtrack, which is my favorite ever (tied with Nier Automata's and Chrono Trigger's).

As y'all can see, I changed my avatar to reference my #1 game :P

Also, happy new year to everyone!

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Well, now that I've finished my list, I thought I'd do a breakdown:

Top Games by Generation

(Note: Games categorized by original release generation, even if the original version was not played.)

Gen 3

10. River City Ransom
9. Contra
8. Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!
7. Mega Man 3
6. Super Mario Bros. 2
5. Mega Man
4. Blaster Master
3. Super Mario Bros.
2. Mega Man 2
1. Super Mario Bros. 3

Gen 4

10. Sonic the Hedgehog
9. Gradius III
8. Mega Man X
7. Donkey Kong Country
6. F-Zero
5. Sonic the Hedgehog 2
4. Super Mario World
3. Final Fantasy IV
2. Super Metroid
1. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Gen 5

5. Final Fantasy VII
4. Perfect Dark
3. Star Fox 64
2. Mario Kart 64
1. Super Mario 64

Gen 6

7. Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader
6. Halo 2
5. Shadow of the Colossus
4. Gradius V
3. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
2. Soul Calibur
1. Halo: Combat Evolved

Gen 7

9. Gears of War 2
8. The Last of Us
7. Halo 3
6. Halo 3: ODST
5. New Super Mario Bros. Wii
4. Mega Man 9
3. Halo: Reach
2. BioShock
1. Super Mario Galaxy

Gen 8

8. Pikmin 3
7. Alien: Isolation
6. Mega Man 11
5. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
4. Doom 2016
3. New Super Mario Bros. U
2. Mario Kart 8
1. Super Mario Odyssey


1. Tetris


Platform and Publisher Statistics

Number of First-party Titles: 31
Most-represented Publisher (original publisher only): Nintendo (21 titles)
Most-represented Third-party Publisher: Capcom (6 titles)
Most-represented Platform: NES (10 titles)
Most-represented Platform (Top 10 only): SNES (4 titles)
Most-represented Series: Super Mario (10 titles)
Most-represented Third-party Series: Mega Man (6 titles)
Most-represented Decade: 1990s (18 titles)
Most-represented Year: 1991 (5 titles)
Number of Titles Released in the 20th Century: 26
Newest Title: Mega Man 11
Oldest Title: Super Mario Bros.

Top 10 Third-party Titles

10. Mega Man 3
9. Soul Calibur
8. Gradius III
7. Mega Man X
6. Mega Man
5. Tetris
4. Blaster Master
3. BioShock
2. Mega Man 2
1. Final Fantasy IV

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mZuzek said:
The_Liquid_Laser said:

I leave the forum for a few hours and this is what happens.  That will teach me to not live on here 24/7. 

Based on S.Peelman's post, it also feels like he was checking my lists from previous years out, hm... so, how does it feel to lose to a filthy cheater?

You take me for someone who is not completely lazy. Though I did check this year's list of yours to see if Okami was already on there or not.

Well then it's over already. Loved reading all you guys's and girls's stories! Thanks for hosting mZuzek!

Updated my list in the Official Thread, so now it's time for some statistics. I see shadow1980 already posted his and others mentioned how many successful guesses were made, so here are mine as well. Because stats are fun!

Platform statistics:

Under here are some statistics like the amount of games from the main list by platform (counted by a game's original platform only) for each platform I own, winners in each category are bolded. These are to be added after the day of the #1 game, the final day.

Nintendo   Sony   Others   Decades  
4 Playstation
3 Philips Videopac G7000
1 1970s 1
Super Nintendo
3 Playstation 3
2 Atari 2600
0 1980s 2
Nintendo 64
8 Playstation 4
  1990s 28
1 Playstation Vita
0 Windows PC
14 2000s 17
  Mac OS
4 2010s 2

Franchises (3 or More)
Switch 0 Mega Drive
0 Mobile
0 The Legend of Zelda 6
3 Dreamcast
  Star Wars 5
GameBoy Advance 1         Super Mario (inc. SMW2) 4
  Sim 3
3DS 1            

Other statistics:

  • Best Year: 1997; 7 titles
  • Average Year: 1998.6 (~July 1998)
  • Average Game by Age:  Kula World (PS)10 July 1998, #12
  • Most Featured Genre: Construction & Management Simulation; 8 titles
  • Oldest Game#14 Gunfighter (G7000(ODY2)), 1979, #50
  • Newest Game: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU/Switch), 2017, #10
1990's and the fifth generation are still going strong. Including PC games from the era, the fifth gen consists of 18 titles in my list. Zelda wins once more as the series with the most entries. The 2010's have lost three games now over the course of the last few years. I left off Luigi's Mansion 2 this year, and Super Mario 3D Land as well since a couple of years ago and lastly Uncharted 3 wasn't featured which I have off and on but not this year either.
I haven't counted the guesses on my games, maybe I'll do that later this week.