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flashfire926 said:
Ganoncrotch said:

Spiderman was fairly big on the psone, had some incredible PS2 games, the PS3 font was literally "the spiderman font" and ..... SONY OWN SPIDERMAN.


compare that to "a car from Forza" on the MS mountain, those things are licensed cars belong to places like Ferrari, I mean, sure they're in Forza, they're also in Gran Turismo or Gear Club on the playstation or Switch.... they're also cars, they're found on roads not exclusively made by MS.

All those other Spiderman games you talk about aside from the newest, Sony had absolutely no hand in. They were developed by Treyarch/Beenox, published by Activision, and on multiple systems too.

And are we actually gonna put it on a mountain based on a font? Which they ditched only a couple years in anyways? That font, at least to me, signifies the bad times of Playstation, like the "get a second job" and "599" times. Their comeback began with the font change.

Sony owning the movie right has nothing to do with the latest insomniac game.  The game rights are owned by Marvel, so if we're talking in those terms, (which we are), Spiderman is NOT owned by Sony.

So just like Forza Cars, Spiderman is liscensed as well. Spiderman has comics, merch, and movies, and is NOT exclusive to playstation.

Insomniac's Spiderman is the first Sony WWS made and published Spiderman game. While Forza has cemented itself a premier exclusive series for Microsoft (something that is few and far between for them nowadays) of consistent quality throughout 11 releases (except one).

That's not to say that Spiderman 2 or 3 or 4 won't be good. Infact, I think Insomniac is an excellent developer and will take the series to even greater heights.  Though as of now, one game is one game, and Ratchet is way more deserving of that spot on the mountain.

admittedly in the past also some of those Spiderman games appeared on other systems than PS, I played the fantastic Spiderman 1+2 on the GC instead of the PS2 but those were originally (I think) Playstation 2 games which were ported to the other systems, but with all of the advertising today I think a lot of people would see spiderman on a lineup of games characters and think "PS4!" because his latest release on that system was so highly critically and user praised as a genuine AAA game based on a movie/comic license something which is a rarity normally.

But Forza cars.... they're actual cars, if you put the Ford focus RS on there, because it's the starting point of the Forza campaign for me when I play them.... that car is not a key figure in the game it isn't even going to be a % of the users favourite car to drive and it most certainly isn't a video game character in terms of having a personality in the game, while spiderman has a character in movies and films which he also has in the games he features, a car... is a car, it's as much a character as a pack of cigs that Snake smokes in Metal Gear, it is a mechanic device for transportation of people and goods... it is not a character. (I was going to suggest that it would be tough to have a movie based on a car.... but then remembered that Cars the series is on its 3/4th movie now I think, but.... that's somewhat different)

But yeah... Spiderman is a character, as such far more deserving to be on there than something like a Warthog from Halo, unless it's "KITT" cars rarely deliver much in the lines of witty dialogue or character based interactions.

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Nintendo: Mario, DK, Link and Pikachu


Sony: Kratos, Drake, Ratchet, and Sackboy


Microsoft: Master Chief, Conker, Steve (Minecraft), Marcus Fenix


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Zombie9ers said:

If each of the big 3 had a Mt. Rushmore depicting 4 characters that best represented the brand, what 4 characters would each company pick?

I'd bet it'd look something like this:

Nintendo:  Mario, Link, Donkey Kong and Pikachu.  Runner ups: Samus, Kirby.

Sony:  Crash, Kratos, Nathan Drake and Spider-Man.  Runner ups: Aloy, Trico

Microsoft:  Master Chief, Marcus Fenix, a racecar from Forza, Ori.  Runner ups: Fable character, Conker

Who would you want to see on each one?

Better ones for Sony: Nathan Drake, Kratos, Ratchet and Clank.