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LudicrousSpeed said:
DonFerrari said:

So you were basically speaking no-sense right?

 I truly feel sorry for you if you feel that way, that you're so eager to disagree that you're ignoring blatant and plain logic.

DonFerrari said:
Because sure if you said that GoW and other sony 1st parties allows then to venture and make risky games and have as Yoshida said 60% of their games not profiting (which isn't really the case this gen anyway) I would have agreed,

I literally did just say sales of God of War helped finance other Sony games. And you don't need to take my word for it, Sony said 60-70% of their games don't make money. And they also said their bigger titles (like God of War) helps pay for those 6-7 more risky/less popular games. Hope that helps.

Errrr that wasn't your initial reply to what was being said, since only one of the top 10 in PS4 is from Sony. So the point I was making was about the other 9, or did it pass on your mind that I don't like GoW?

DonFerrari said:
but when you put that for Fifa, CoD and the like that are most of the top 10 that isn't nearly true as those pubs (EA, Activision, etc) doesn't regularly put their profits on games they know won't profit but wish to expand the console portfolio.

We can agree to disagree, personally I think publishers like EA and Ubisoft have done great jobs with new IP's and putting out more niche titles. I don't know about Activision, I tend to avoid anything they make. EA has made stuff like the Unravel franchise, they took a risk with Titanfall, they brought back Mirror's Edge, they have Fe, they tried with A Way Out, they have Anthem coming. Ubisoft has tons, they've done a lot with smaller focused games and new IP's this gen. Bethesda is another good example. Mega big franchises like Doom, Elder Scrolls, and Fallout easily make their large library of single player franchises possible. Good luck getting Prey without the success of their bigger franchises.
News IPs =/= taking risks. Or will you extend the 60% non profitable SW from Sony to EA, Ubi or Acti? Sure they do some new IPs, but the biggest community complain about the big pubs is that they don't take risk and do heavy sequels plus look alike games.

DonFerrari said:
Nintendo as another 1st party could be doing similar to Sony but they don't as they release less new IPs, takes less risk on SW and most of their games are profitable. MS have been very low and thin on their 1st party so I can't see how the few success are allowing then various risky projects (it may change with their new acquired studios).

Nintendo has quite a few new IP's this gen and have taken a lot of risks. lol, you really don't understand how the success of a game like Horizon 4 might give MS leeway to green light something less mainstream? How have we gotten stuff like Cuphead or ReCore or Ori? Super Lucky's Tale? Also don't give Sony so much credit for being risky. They've been extremely safe this gen and don't have many new IP's themselves. You make it out as if Sony is taking risks left and right while the others just play it safe, couldn't be further from the truth.
Yes sure, the crazy amount of money put in Cuphead, Ori, Super Lucky's Tale....

DonFerrari said:

So yes, I keep failing to see how these big 3rd party games are directly paying out for the risk 1st party games or even these studios risky projects. So since it's basic economics you'll be able to explain it quite simple, as I'm pretty sure William Dafoe making a big flick to fill his pockets and have time to do leisure projects for himself doesn't finance another actor in Africa.

I didn't only mention third party games. God of War is a first party game. Furthermore I'm going to assume you enjoy Sony games that aren't just GoW, or deals they made for games like Detroit or Spider-Man. You do understand Sony makes a lot of money on royalties from these third party games, yes? You do know they get a slice of everything on PSN, yes?

Again Shu said the exact same stuff I'm saying. Money from big games trickle down into smaller projects. That's how it works in all entertainment industries. You think Netflix doesn't use money they make off of Stranger Things or OITNB to fund other stuff? Don't be silly.

Looking at this list and being sad that it's full of big mainstream games is a flawed and incorrect way to look at things, especially when you go on to list a game like freakin Detroit as a game you love LOL.

Again, from the top 10, only one Sony game (which I like), so no, the TOP 10 doesn't fund the games I like, unless you consider the minority of those as being the rule. You wanted so hard to drive a point against my initial post that you lost yourself in the middle.

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I shouldn’t need to “drive” a point that is such common sense though :)

Sony makes most of their PS money from game sales. Almost 60% in Q1 of 2018, idk if anyone has broken down Q2 yet. That includes first party and third party, physical and PSN. So you’re trying to tell us that all the money they make from these games, they somehow don’t use it to fund deals for outside companies to make games you listed like Detroit and Spider-Man? That they don’t make games such as Gravity Rush 2 because strong software sales will make up the cost? Etc etc with any other Sony games you love.

Wait, do they use Ghostbusters 2016 profits to sign a deal with Kojima? Are The Emoji Movie merchandise sales funding Ghost of Tsushima? LOL I’m done. Enjoy the sand.

PS4's list has newer games, with GoW being quite a surprise! I guess it shows how the momentum in the US has shifted towards the Playstation

I find interesting that on both platforms there are 9 multi platform games in top 10.

kopstudent89 said:
PS4's list has newer games, with GoW being quite a surprise! I guess it shows how the momentum in the US has shifted towards the Playstation

PS4 has 3 games that launched in the last 12 months and XBO 2 games. Playstation has done way better this gen than the last so thats good.