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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Diablo series is coming to mobile

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This is just a joke. Out of season April fool's joke.

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this is savage..... watch this video I dare you.


"I know what your thinking" "I hear what your saying" "you all want to see gameplay"

*puts on clip*

Crowd is silent from then on, when its clear they where expecting clapping or cheering or such.
People are just in shock.  From 9,13 and onward its just silent.

"theres never been a better time to be part of a blizzcon community"

Thats when you hear a few people doing this really sad laugh in the background.
Think its 9:52 ? or so.


I legit feel bad for the guy on the stage, having to dilver that.

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I play modded Diablo 2 and Path of Exile , Diablo 3 sucked hard. And I don't play on phones, good for phone players though, mobile gaming market is huge.

Wyrdness said:
The funny thing is what ever non mobile Diablo thing they're working on could have just had a small few second teaser even if it's just a logo with them saying more details to be shared in future, this alone would have prevented all of of this did their PR team really not think of this?

The fact that they've deleted the trailer and reuploaded to purge downvotes and negative comments only for the same thing to happen again sums up how heated this debacle has become.

Apparently they don't even reupload it, they ask Youtube to get rid of the downvotes. The downvotes disappear all of a sudden , while the (few) likes remain. Is that even possible? You can pay Youtube for modifying your like/dislike ratio?

EDIT: I think that they don't delete it, because I didn't watch the video entirely and it was still on my "unfinished" list.

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I might give this a shot and depending on how much I like it i'll pick up Diablo III on Switch.

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John2290 said:
It's a pity but if it's free to play they will be laughing at the outrage while they roll in the piles of money.

Diablo and Outrage seem to go hand in hand.
Diablo 3 blew the internet up on it's release due to being always-online and having the marketplace, plus simplified mechanics, minimal map randomization... I could go on.

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Looks like Blizzard is calling in all its media friends. Big attack on “entitled trolls” on Mashable, tweeted by Pachter. This will get nasty this week.

Just awful how out of touch they are with their audience. And the worst thing about this? Those annoying video game journalists and other devs on twitter, tone policing and attacked the fans for speaking out.

The way they announced it as their biggest title of the show was their downfall. Everything could go well if they had a PC Diablo game announcement right after DI.

I know how big the mobile market is, take for example: League of Legends, the most popular MOBA worldwide, made a revenue of 2.1 billion dollars in 2017; but there is a chinese knockoff of LoL for mobile devices called Arena of Valor, which made over 3 billion dollars during the same year.

People need to calm down. They have a Diable game for mobile big whoops. That does not mean there wont be on for consoles and PC.