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Forums - Politics Discussion - Pittsburg Shooting Killed 11 People. Gun control?


What should be done about guns in the US?

Nothing 9 13.43%
Strict background checks 35 52.24%
Ban guns 18 26.87%
other- comment down below. 5 7.46%
Snoopy said:

It isn't a fallacy when it's been proven time and time again more government control means fewer freedoms for the citizens.

Well no. It doesn't.
I am all for minimal Government when it makes sense, but Gun Control should be a requirement in any developed nation, it does work.

Snoopy said:

The government is full of dangerous and corrupt people.

That is a systemic issue of your country then or... A conspiracy theory.
I highly suggest that the people of your nation set-up an Anti-Corruption agency that systematically looks at your government from top to bottom... Like. You know. We do, if you haven't already of course.

Snoopy said:

They will keep extending their reach and eventually go to the extreme as we seen before multiple times. Which means taking away our guns.

Gun control doesn't mean you loose your ability to acquire weapons.

Snoopy said:

One of his many great arguments is most gun crime occurs in heavily populated areas such as cities and the united states is third worldwide regarding the number of cities with over 100k people. That's why many crime bureaus admit it is pretty much impossible to compare crime across different countries


Crime reporting also differs from country to country making direct comparisons tenuous at best.

Snoopy said:

I can see you like government control since you are a socialist. That's good, maybe you can join the caravan with the rest of the socialists and educate us all on the wonders of socialism.

My country leverages socialism which is essentially funded by capitalism to have a superior standard of living, better healthcare, better infrastructure.. It's actually not a bad thing once you get over your fear of it.

Essentially, don't knock it until you actually try it, you might actually just walk away surprised.


Robert_Downey_Jr. said:

Until the border is secure it would be useless

Useless? Not really.
Reduced impact? Certainly.

Gotta' start somewhere. - Don't leave something for tomorrow that can be done today.

What will really be interesting is how the rise of 3D printing will affect peoples ability to acquire weapons.

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