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Forums - Sony Discussion - MediEvil Remake - First Trailer & Shenmue 3 Screenshots

melbye said:

twintail said:

Medievil PS1 atmosphere is better than the PSP one so stick to that. Gothic and TIm Burton esque. PSP version looks these.

not even a year ago.

Damn, you are right. For some reason i thought it was announced at PSX 2016

yeah the teaser was pretty lowkey so no worries. I look forward to the new trailer releasing in a couple of days. I kniw it wont but I hope it looks like this fan effort:

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Looking forward to the MediEvil trailer. The first one is a classic!

Fei-Hung said:
After playing the HD remaster of shenmue 1+2, I hope there is a way to forward time, better controls and that they have taken inspiration from yakuza games too.

Thats no problem for this new game, i think :)

KratosLives said:
Hopefully no yakuza influence for shenmue 3. I don't want the same fighting style as yakuza, but rather shenmue 1 where it fights like virtua fighter. Just hope they have a training dojo and someone to fight against and practice moves. Just finished the remaster and in love with the series. True masterpiece.

Shenmue with other fightsystem, thats possible :)

PS: Yakuza 6 on PS4 features the full version of Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown playable in-game :)

Can't wait for the MediEvil trailer, looking forward to this! :)

Im crying in joy and happiness




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So Medievil trailer will definitely contain gameplay.

I think its obvious they will use the PSP version as the starting point for how they evolve the gameplay. It was essentially ME3 but under the confines of ME1.
All they need from the original PS1 version is the story and atmosphere.

cant wait to see how it looks!

Dr.Vita said:
Can't wait for the MediEvil trailer, looking forward to this! :)

"The time is set Witness the unearthing of MediEvil with a first look at Sir Daniel Fortesque's return from 2pm GMT / 3pm CET today".

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asqarkabab said:
Im crying in joy and happiness

Is Shenmue 3 or MediEvil remake the reason : D?

Looks incredible.
insta buy

Trailer !!

Trailer looks good, shouldn't be too far off releasing.