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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - PS4/Xbone RPG Vampyr coming to Switch

Talk about coming out of left field; according to the publisher's latest financial report, this years PS4/Xbox One/PC RPG Vampyr is reportedly coming to the Switch.

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I actually really enjoyed the game. Don't think ill pick it up on Switch but a cool addition regardless

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This is actually a decently AA game, big third party is coming to Switch, it just takes time.

Also, this counts as an RPG right? So one more to add to the Switch lineup.

Hopefully though it does not take too long, is a good port, and if so sells decently. I'll probably pick it up on PC if ever.

Well that was unexpected! And I was just tinkering with the idea to get this game at some point (on PC), now I will wait and see if I get it on Switch instead, depending on port quality. This kind of game on the go would be great

Given that the original game was, if I recall correctly, a 30fps title built to PS4/Xbone spec, it will be interesting to see how they manage to squeeze it down to run on the Switch's less powerful hardware. Ports of 60fps games like Doom, Outlast II, and Wolfenstein II had the luxury of being able to halve their framerate, but Vampyr will have to find other ways of bridging the technical gap. Hopefully it does so without running/looking like crap.

The setting (1918 London during the Spanish Flu) interests me, though it does sound a little too story-focused for my tastes, I prefer my games to put gameplay first.

Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023.

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I bought the PS4-version last week so this is a little bit frustrating, would definitely have bought it on Switch instead. Now i wonder what the chances are that The Council and Call of Cthulhu might come to Switch.

I kind of wanted to play this...
Maybe I'll get it...

Have a nice day...

Interesting. The more variety for the switch, the better.

Looks interesting, I'll probably get it when it launches on switch.


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I think its smart to release a game like this on Switch so it gets attention in a library lacking games like this. But I'm not sure if actually gets traction.

I mean Payday 2 released on Switch, its a unique title for the library, but it got little attention. Granted the performance kinda sucks, not sure if that was patched though.

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