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Russian roulette.

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Knights of the old republic 3 or a full remake of TES3: Morrowind.

Goat Simulator Remastered.

Any game released in 2080.... don't care if it's a budget game or a remaster, I should be ready to go then :D

Making an indie game : Dead of Day!

Final Fantasy IX probably. It's my favourite game of all time, so if I wanted to enjoy a game one last time that would be it.

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Probably The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past

Nothing to see here, move along

The full game of life. Depending on how the world is though. I dont want to be 80 running from canabil rapists. I know that is spelled wrong, but screw my slow phone ton this site, freezes constantly and wont go back.

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The witcher 3 or bully

FFX is my favorite game of all time, so I'll probably play that.

I'd hope to be playing whatever game is awesome about 125 years from now, cuz that's about when I'll be okay with my impending death.

If I had to play something today, I'd say SMO is a good choice, for all the reasons mentioned in the OP.