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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Scariest Resident Evil Game Moments?

jamesmarkus87 said:

- Lisa Trevor and the crimson heads (REmake)

- The licker running across the window pane (Resident Evil 2)

- Pretty much everything involving the Nemesis (Resident Evil 3)

- That creepy noise Alexander Ashford makes while he's tied up in that underground basement (Code: Veronica)

- The boss battles against Verdugo and "IT" (Resident Evil 4)

- The Rachel Foley boss battle in chapter 4-1 (Resident Evil Revelations)

- Being stalked by Jack Baker in his estate (Resident Evil 7)


Yeah, Nemesis is still terrifying to this day. Imagine if they did a remake of Resident Evil 3 next, he'd probably be even worse in HD.

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Definitely the wolves in RE4 at the maze outdoor area. They just kept appearing out of nowhere, and the sounds around you kept you completely paranoid when they were going to jump out.

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My first jump scare I remember was In resident evil when the dogs jumped through the window ,wasn't expecting that. I think horror in games can be a bit like horror movies where the unknown in the first of a series means any unexpected scares or twists are heightened, but this can be diluted in the sequel, especially when like the Alien sequel the tension now comes less from the psychology of the fear of the unknown and moves more toward rollercoaster action where the physical expectation of being in danger means the adrenal pumping moments now come in the form of when where and how something will strike coupled with coping with how to overcoming the horror.

RolStoppable said:
GoOnKid said:


Also, one moment that completely terrified me was in Resident Evil 4 when you enter the tunnels in chapter 4. You just roam around in an empty area with no enemies and the game lets you search hidden items a bit, when suddenly a loud noise happens like a metal grid or something getting smashed open and footsteps start to come at you. And those footsteps are FAST, I tell you, and they get louder and lounder but you see no monsters so you start to think that something invisible runs straight at you. But nothing happens, no monsters, it was all just an illusion. I was scared as hell.

That's chapter 3-2.


Ah, thanks.

Gameplay > Graphics

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Art Direction > Realism

The zombie arms through the barricades in Resident Evil 2. Gets me every single time, without fail.

Also, +1 for the garden maze in RE4. Always have to turn the sound up for that bit to make sure I know what's going on.

Shout out to the composer(s) of RE1. The music is fantastic at creating a sense of terror. The mansion themes, the basement theme, guardhouse theme, dormitory theme, lab theme... all superb and effective.

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The dog. Then all of the bosses.

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The textures in revelations 2 on the Vita

Fancy hearing me on an amateur podcast with friends gushing over one of my favourite games?

When a Doberman suddenly jumped through a window into the hallway in whatever RE was on GCube is the only time I ever screamed outloud playing any VG.

RE1 Directors Cut on PS1.
The dead Agent guy on the chair outside on the balcony. In the OG game you collect an item off him. In the Directors Cut he gets up out of the chair and you have to fight him. Caught me off gaurd and scared the Bjesus out of me.

The voice acting in RE1...

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