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Forums - Politics Discussion - Are worker unions good or bad?

snyps said:
ResilientFighter said:
They are great


I won't write an essay, just some simple logic, most of what we have as rights was because of people working together to get them, divided you fall

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Unions are mostly a good thing yes but everything that involves people can become corrupt of course, does not mean we do not need unions or we would be doing unpaid crunching like the game industry sometimes does. ;p
Some people in here can be a little bit nicer,he just has an opinion about unions so no need to feel personally attacked.

a union fights for you and your interests, if you prefer not to join, that's your prerogative.
as to them being "bad", that just regurgitating anti-worker propaganda. the fact is you as an individual worker have very little power to bargain, but as a collective you can actually try to equalize the playing field.
make of that what you will

Unions are great for guaranteeing many of the basic rights that employees enjoy. It varies from country to country but having representatives for the workers can hardly be a bad thing.

I'm all about myself and my family. I don't care about the corporation but when you get hired, they tell you what to expect. This is the job. This is the pay. These are the hours. These are the policies.

People get hired and suddenly they hate their employer. It's like meeting a girl and saying "I like to play Xbox with my friends on Friday." and a month later she hates that you play Xbox with your friends on Friday. I understand the things that unions have accomplished and I can see their value but it still seems like employees feel a little too entitled sometimes.

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