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Forums - Politics Discussion - Debate on Saudi Arabian Prince Mohammed Bin Salman

Still don't know why USA is helping these fuckers of Saudi Arabia to destroy and bomb civilians in Yemen.

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CuCabeludo said:
Still don't know why USA is helping these fuckers of Saudi Arabia to destroy and bomb civilians in Yemen.

This should sum up american feelings about Yemen and the like:






WWE is having the Crown Jewel Event in Saudi Arabia.
While the company is putting out the line that this is positive for exposing Saudi Arabia to American culture, what they don't say is that women are actually banned from the event, including replays on the big stadium screen known as the Titantron. Basically, the WWE is not bringing anything new to Saudi Arabia except showing that Bin Salman is capable of buying their services. This is their second show in the country, their first one, earlier this year, involved propaganda where John Cena praised the government, and another where they got two Iranian wrestlers (the Daivari brothers) to make anti-Saudi slurs and then have Saudi wrestlers beat them up - while this is generally alright when it is say England vs. Ireland, with Saudi Arabia vs. Iran it ended up with death threats against the Iranians. Canadian wrestler Sami Zayn was banned from the first event due to giving aid to Syrian refugees; after the diplomatic incident when Canada criticized Saudi Arabia for imprisoning protesters, it seems that no Canadian wrestlers at all are on the upcoming Crown Jewel card - although it should be noted that Brock Lesnar is a Canadian Resident, but not a citizen.
WWE stocks have dropped from Nearly 97 USD earlier in the month down to 69 USD, and this negative press the company has received is a major part, the latest 6 USD drop came immediately following WWE's announcement that the show is definitely going through in Saudi Arabia. Many fans have been writing about cancelling their WWE network subscriptions (the WWE network has been exceedingly successful, hitting above 2 million subscribers earlier this year).

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

Saudi Arabia, one of the big hypocrisies of the western Governments along with Israel, these two countries highlight how our mob have one rule for one group and different rules for others.

Update since there have been developments in the past few days.

Germany, Norway, and Canada have halted the trade of weapons over the incident once the evidence was clear. Austria has denounced is pushing for the EU to stop weapons sales. New Zealand and Australia have also denounced Saudi Arabia. It's sad to see that so few nations have the integrity to stand against tyranny.
As a side note. Germany and Canada both had spats with Saudi Arabia through the year over human rights violations and the war crimes in Yemen - this should have been enough to get the West united.

France's government calls it "demagoguery" to halt weapons sales to the Saudis for engaging in government assassinations of reporters. The justification is that there is no connection between the character of a government who assassinates journalists and the character of a country from a military standpoint. What the hell, Macron? Even if Khashoggi himself hadn't brought up the Saudi government's war crimes (particularly against Yemen), the very idea that a government assassinates journalists should raise some red flags about all aspects of the character of the government.

In the UK, Corbyn is in favour of denouncing the Saudis and cutting weapons trade... unfortunately this isn't his decision to make; so what he says has little relevance.

The US, Trump, like a good fat orange lapdog, has stated the profiteering of the military industrial is more important than the lives of reporters. He seems perfectly ready to lay sanctions and trade barriers on nations for far lesser crimes... and often for no crimes at all.

Israel, much like France, is saying "Yeah, that assassination is a shame i'n't it? But their money is more important, so we will do nothing."

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

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Immersiveunreality said:
CaptainExplosion said:
Saudi Arabia was never reformed and it never will be. -_-

Everything can change with enough time.

the only change SA needs is removal as a country. Al Saud is the ruler (hence the name) the country will never reform with people like that in power.

Imagine if the Inquisition laws were still the rule for Europe today? This is basically the state of SA and most muslim countries, whose laws and constitution are directly based on The Quran and Sharia law. Executions for stating publicly that you are no longer a muslim are taking place in full force today the same way it was done in the 7th century.

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