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Forums - Gaming Discussion - how big is your excitement for FFVII Remake after 3 years of announcement?

Not much was shown for FFVIIR lately, and already 3 years passed from the first reveal trailer of this game, but watching a reaction trailer from e3 2015 it let feels like it were yesterday...

but how is at the moment for's still a "can't wait for this" game or after this long silence about information or a new trailer, that you interest has gone lost...?

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Interest is at a low point. But can be picked up again by a new trailer. Simple as that. And they now. Thats why you can announce these games 5 years up front.

I was not that interested when it came out, and my interest for it has gone even lower. This is what happens when you announce games too soon.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Ecstatic. I still get goosebumps when I watch one of the trailers. As soon as KH3 comes out, I know the floodgates will be opened.

It has gone down after seeing all these new announcements, especially after the latest Nintendo Direct, and if I remember correctly, it's gonna release in parts, that too is keeping my hype in check, still have no idea what that is about.


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At the moment, low. But I know it will pick up closer to its release.


The same as it always was. I don't get excited for bad games.

Very little at the moment, but once it gets closer to release I'm sure things will pick up. I'm in no rush with the game anyway, so I don't really mind the long development time, though Square really needs to start announcing their games closer to release. Once Kingdom Hearts III is out and their focus can shift to other games I expect we'll start seeing something tangible about FFVII.

It was dead the second they said "episodic." Even if that changes, they have an uphill battle to recapture my interest, especially since I didn't like FFXV.