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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - When will an improved switch-hardware be released ?


When will an improved switch-hardware be released?

End of 2019, I think so too. 16 25.40%
2020! 22 34.92%
2021. 11 17.46%
Maybe.. (other year or theory) 7 11.11%
nintendo will only develo... 4 6.35%
see results 3 4.76%

2020 sounds like a reasonable time to me.

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Given the Switch’s mobile nature, a mid-gen refresh would make sense. March 2020 would seem like the ideal time to release a mid-gen upgrade for the Switch. They could even sell a version of it that’s just the standalone tablet for Switch owners who just want to upgrade the hardware and don’t need another dock/joycons/grip/AC adapter. I imagine it could be powered by the Tegra X3, which should offer a decent boost and be available by then.

They could release an outright successor to the Switch, with a different form factor that is not necessarily compatible with the old joycons and dock, holiday 2022 or early 2023.

Pemalite said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

@bolded: That's why I said about the same, not exactly the same. Sure, the 7nm will be more expensive, but not by much.

Nope. 7nm will be more expensive, it's actually been a trend for a long time now. It will take a couple years for TSMC/Samsungs 7nm to be price competitive.

Global Foundries is even stepping away from 7nm entirely... Meaning less capacity and competition at that node than say... 14/16nm.

But in terms of fabrication... The bulk of IC's are 55nm and larger, with production of chips between 90nm and 180nm being 27% of the semiconductor market.

You are only looking at the raw bandwidth numbers.
The Switch actually has more available bandwidth than that.

In general... 50GB/s would probably be a good spot to be, it's roughly how much the Geforce 1030 has, which is a decent chip for 720P gaming. - Also find it not to be Bandwidth constrained either from when I did some overclocking testing

7nm is starting this year, until 2021 there's quite some time to get it cheaper. First years are always expensive, hence why the beginnings are called risk production.

Also, keep in mind the price is per wafer, and there are a lot of X1 fitting onto one 300mm wafer. So unless the yields are crap, the price increase wouldn't be sensible, again why I said about the same.

Just to explain you what I mean when I say about the same, let's say there are 300 chips on a 300mm wafer. Now if that wafer costs 1800$ the chips will cost 6$ each. If the wafer costs 3000$ then the chips cost 10$ each.

In percentage, the price increase would be over 50% and therefore massive. But in Real life terms 10$ isn't much more expensive than 6$

I sincerely hope the rumored system reconfiguration will fix all the issues NOT related directly to system power.

mushroomboy5 said:

Yeah I agree that we’re more likely to see a redesign/ increased battery/ larger or smaller version etc... than a more powerful console any time soon (personally I would welcome a redesign)... I know it’s not feasible but I’d like to see a version without detachable controllers (not gonna happen but a man can dream). I do hope the successor to the switch is essentially a more powerful switch and that they don’t try to fuck with the formula too much as they’re on a good thing. 

better battery sounds good. Maybe with VR-feature ? Is that possible?

ps. the wall street journal japan reports: New Switch Model will release In the second half Of 2019. My friend was right, in June (E3 or directly from Japan) there is the official announcement, by nintendo.

"The Last of Us 2" is officially Game of the Year 2020, worldwide. Ghost of Tsushima-Artwork: