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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Mega Man 11 Review Thread (81% MC, 82.23% GR)

I haven't seen anyone make this thread yet, and I think everyone's already figured out that I'm a huge Mega Man fan, sooo.

(Note: Review averages in the thread title are for the PS4 version, which is the one the bulk of the reviewers scored.)


The reviews for Mega Man 11 have started to pour in. Most reviews seem fairly positive towards it. The general consensus seems to be that it is a solid Mega Man Classic title, though not quite up to par with the most well-regarded titles in the series (e.g., MM2, MM3). Maybe somewhere in the middle (maybe MM1/MM4/MM10 level). A few reviewers were less than kind, but most gave it 8/10s and some 9/10s and 7/10s.

I just got through 100%-ing MM Legacy Collection 2's Achievements today in preparation. I played the demo and enjoyed it. I will be picking up a copy tomorrow myself.



EGM (9/10)

"Despite not deviating too far from its series’ 30-year long formula, Mega Man 11 is a reminder that Capcom’s Blue Bomber still has more life in him. The new Double Gear System and subweapon Rolodex provide enough of a modern upgrade to make the game stand out from the pack, while the tight controls and familiar story make it feel wholly Mega Man. A misstep in the sound design keeps it from perfection, but it’s only a small blemish on an otherwise fantastic entry in the series."

Game Informer (8.75/10)

"Mega Man 11 is the first entry in ages that offers something new without sacrificing everything fans love. The new gear system is a cool mechanic, and Capcom’s level design feels classic in all the right ways. Mega Man 11 taps into the series’ past, but also serves as a solid foundation for the Blue Bomber’s next 30 years."


IGN (7.5/10)

"Mega Man 11 sticks so close to the established formula that it wouldn’t have made much of a splash if it had come out in 2008, or 1998. In fact, it has more in common with 1996’s Mega Man 8 than any other game in the series, and feels like a direct sequel to it. I found Mega Man 11 amusingly difficult even with the help of the time-slowing Double Gear system and there are some cool robot moments, but in a series with such great highs (Mega Man 2, 3, 9,10, specifically) and lows (Mega Man 7), it’s pretty average. The robot bosses are mostly bland and familiar (with the exception of the very silly Block Man – I love that guy), and their imparted weapons are a hit-and-miss collection. But Mega Man plays like he should even with the cutesy but tolerable art style, and that’s good because the challenge is cranked up to 11 and getting through these levels takes old-school precision and patience. Mega Man 11 is a good foundation for the next 10 Mega Man games."


GameSpot (7/10)

"Mega Man 11 is a good action game that you can easily identify with, but it's far too uneven and bumpy to hold up against some of the best installments in the venerable franchise. At its best, it's a terrific retro romp with exciting boss encounters and unique gimmicks. At its worst, it's a frustrating experience whose too-long levels toss out infuriating obstacles to progress at the worst times. But even with these issues, it just feels good to see Mega Man back in action, and Mega Man 11 will hopefully be the start of many new robotic adventures to come."

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Great news. Seems like a solid game. Cant wait

Always ready for a good/decent/fine game !

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Between the 80-85 range. Not bad at all. That's a good sign for the Blue Bomber.

PAOerfulone said:
Between the 80-85 range. Not bad at all. That's a good sign for the Blue Bomber.

Absolutely. Mega Man 9 got a 83 and thats one of the best MM games ever.

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Looks good, I'll get it for PC.

I have a Youtube channel... A Twitter, and... Yeah.

I'm glad Mega Man is showing that he's got enough gas in tank (I know, not intended :P). It is ironic that Keiji Inafune attempted to revive the Mega Man-type platformer with Mighty No. 9 but Capcom eventually defeated him at his own game.

Mega Man's back to where he should be! ^^

My copy is in the mail and will likely be here by dinner tomorrow. the hype is real (And the fact that a Mega Man title is getting over 80 is encouraging)

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Downloaded this morning (didn’t come out here in aus in physical form for switch, could’ve got it on PS4 but wanted it on my ns) had a bit of a go but really only played the level that was in the demo so far. For me this is one of the years major releases...hopefully this’ll lead to more. A guy on YouTube who is (apparently) something of an mm expert says there is also a rumored mega man x game in development. I hope that’s true. Capcom seem to be making an effort to return to their glory days lately.