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Forums - Sony Discussion - Ps4 Pro Red Dead Redemption 2 bundle announced @399

Errorist76 said:
pitzy272 said:

See the bolded part of my comment. I said THIRD PARTY.

Pull up pictures of the WW2 and BF2 bundles again. The WW2 LE console was hideous, and the BF2 LE console was lazy and boring. Looked like they just slapped stickers on there. I don’t recall being being disappointed in the MHW bundle. Yakuza? Again, see the bolded:  I said “big” third party games. 

If you’ve ever seen me post, you know my preferred console by far is the PS4, but Sony should be criticized when they deserve it. Having no bundle whatsoever for a Call of Duty game is unprecedented in the past decade, to my knowledge. And having no LE console for Red Dead is another misstep, esp after they made a clear effort to make LE consoles for their two major exclusive games in GoW and spiderman. Sony has partnerships with the two BIGGEST games of the year, and yet there’s no bundle for one and a lazy bundle for the other. You’re telling me you think this is a good business decision?

Absolutely. Sony is smart doing it this way. Non-branded COD or RDR2 bundles are going to sell much better than branded ones and it’s less of a risk to them, as the consoles still could be sold separately because they don’t feature a unique shell.

I don’t understand your response. What CoD bundle are you referencing? My primary point was the fact that Sony have ZERO CoD bundles for its launch—unless I missed an announcement. 

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Maybe the best bundle this year :) With Spiderman!

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