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Forums - Gaming Discussion - God of War Highest Rated Game of the Year (Meta) Will RD2/SSBU Take It? (Or any1 Else)

God of War Highest Rated Game of the Year (Meta) Will RD2/SSBU Take It? (Or any1 Else)


Thoughts? What Will be the highest Rated game of the year in your opinion?


GoW is currently a 94 which isnt easy to break at all

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I'd say RDR2 has the best chance. I have doubts that a fighting game/party game/whatever you want to call Smash Bros. will get the majority of GotYs

Smash averages around 92 so my bet is RDR2 as I can see that getting 96 or so.

If any Smash game has a chance of getting a 95 it's Ultimate, but it is very unlikely. Probably another 92.

RDR2 can get there though, for sure.

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In my opinion RDR2 will be around 95, 96 and Smash will be 96.


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John2290 said:
I'm backing RdR2 at a 97. Not sure about smash. Hav'nt played it since Solid snake was in it.

Well hes back in Smash Ultimate.


But yeah, RDR2 will take it obviously.

RDR2 has the best chance of doing it out of the two.

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I think RDR2 will manage the 95-96.

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I have zero interest in GTA, but RDR2 looks great. So maybe 95-97?

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I imagine SSBU will come just shy of GoW, and be 92/93. Can’t really say for RDR2. A 95+ would be expected for a R* game, but you never know. Personally I hope GoW holds the title. The game deserves that recognition, imo.

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