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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Original Valkyria Chronicles is coming to Switch!

Might be the best way to get into the series, nice that they are porting and releasing it before VC4.

d21lewis said:
Paatar said:

It comes out October 16th. Which is after Valkyria 4, that comes out September 25th. Might wanna update OP.

I will. When I made the thread, the story was in my Google feed. Whichever site i got the story from said something like "If you have Valkyria Chronicles 4, you'll save $5 so you might want to wait if you plan on buying both". I can't even find it now. Either they updated it or I just read it wrong.


In any event, I'll fix the OP though I was excited to have the original to keep me busy until the new one comes out. After playing 4, it might decrease my interest in the first. Then again, playing the first one first might have given me fatigue before playing the 4th!

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Definitely cool that it finally got a western release announcement.