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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Battlefield V Delayed to November 20th

Hopefully they are able to have the BR mode at launch now

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Dodged that bullet, eh?


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I think because pre orders arnt that high combined with a sandwiched launch between cod and rdr it makes sense to delay as long as possible. Kinda feel sorry for big games that have a chance to fail due to no fault of its own

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Good. It was sent out to die. Would personally prefer a February launch and for the Co op and battle royale mode to both come at launch. I'll probably buy this in a new year's or spring sale now.

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Quote from the EA website:

Today, we’re announcing that Battlefield V will have a new launch date – November 20, 2018. I wanted to give you a little bit of insight into how we arrived at this new date.

Over the summer, we’ve had tens of thousands of players get their hands on the game during our Closed Alphas and at E3 and Gamescom – where we were honored to receive the awards for Best Multiplayer Game at both shows.

You have told us that you are seeing an increased focus on squad play come through, you are also feeling the difference in our revamped player movement and we are getting a lot of positive feedback for our improved weapons handling.

You’ve also spurred us to make some meaningful improvements to the core gameplay experience, including adjusting the gameplay tempo, improving soldier visibility and reducing player friction. You’ll see a lot of these reflected in our Open Beta that starts on September 6.

We believe we have one of the best Battlefield games ever on our hands.  A game that will deliver on an emotional journey through the return of unseen single player War Stories, a deep multiplayer experience, Battle Royale, along with our new live service, Tides of War - a journey across multiple theaters of WW2 and designed to keep our community together.

With the Open Beta just around the corner, we are excited about the millions of you who will join us and experience the game. And we fully expect to see even more feedback coming our way.

And that’s why we’re moving our launch date. We’re going to take the time to continue to make some final adjustments to core gameplay, and to ensure we really deliver on the potential of Tides of War.

We know moving the launch date means that we all have to wait a little longer. But we’re going to take our time to make sure we get it right.

Thank you for your continued passion and support.  We can’t wait to see you on the battlefield in just a few days.

Well blackops 4 has a lot of time with no competition now doesn't it? 999m sales.

They can come up with any excuse they want, we all know they fear COD and RDR

Lol, backlash and low pre orders causing panic at the DICE offices. EA's insistence on being the industry assholes above all assholes is causing yet more issues for DICE, which is a shame, they're a really talented studio.

Red Dead making all these publishers sweat