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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Citing Lackluster Sales, Dishonored Franchise Is Being Shelved

HoloDust said:
COKTOE said:
Well, that sucks. I really don't like Bethesda, so I decided a decade ago to never buy anything that had their name on it, even if they weren't the dev. I got Dishonored as a PS+ game, and played it last summer. Loved it. So much, I plat'd it and bought 2 of the 3 DLCs. Shortly after, I bought Dishonored 2, and plan to but it's DLC as well. It brought me around on at least buying games Bethesda merely publishes.

Arkane were good devs from the get go - Arx Fatalis is quite loved in CRPG community and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic was really fun game. I don't think that Bethesda put many creative constrains when they acquired them, though I personally don't find any of titles under Bethesda to be as good as when they were independent.

I looked up their body of work and it's smaller than I expected, which explains why I'm not familiar with them beyond Dishonored. They contributed to Call Of Duty: World At War ( my fav COD game ) and Bioshock 2, which I also enjoyed, but they've only made 5 full sized games, plus the dlc's for Dishonored 1 and 2. Dishonored came out in 2012 on last gen platforms, but it was probably my personal 2017 GOTY.

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I felt like Dishonored was lacking something, which is strange because it was packed with content and play styles. Maybe devs tried too hard to make it original and it bit them in the a$$, for example all people were ugly as uck. Some objects looked like straight taken from Half-Life 2, like the metal walls, the rail vehicles and the long legged enemies, which destroyed believability in that game world (I know it was because main visuals designer was from Valve). Also the sequel felt uninspired to me, I quit it halfway.

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Disappointing but not unexpected, mainly as it's unclear where the narrative can go from here. I thought they may have done another expansion pack which could have done Dishonored 2 carrying on from the High Chaos ending of Dishonored (I liked the tagline 'Empress of High Chaos) but guess it's not to be.

Also why I did enjoy the game, it didn't have quite the same magic to it as the original, as I felt even level was just arbitrarily focusing on 1 assassination target, whereas the original was a bit less rigid in that sort of plotline structure.