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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Would the competitive October 2018 affect the sales of Super Mario Party?

Is the first big 4 player dedicated local party game on switch. A demand that was open until the switch launch. It is going to release in a really hot period of switch(the best Q of switch history probably), and it does not compete with all the other October releases in target audience. And legs for next year's.
I would bet it is gonna sell 5 million.

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Their pre-orders at Amazon are still very good. Since its announcement, it has not dropped from the top 20. His trailer on the e3 was quite convincing.

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Mario Party will outsell all of those games except for COD.

I can’t wait for it. Classic Mario party mechanics are back. Buying day one!

SMP will sell 4-5m lifetime regardless of its launch. It's looking to be a return to form for the series, and the first MP on the Switch, and has a bit of momentum behind it.