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Forums - Sony Discussion - How do you feel about Death Stranding?


How do you feel about Death Stranding?

I'm not excited at all 18 48.65%
I'm a bit excited 10 27.03%
I'm super excited 9 24.32%
KLAMarine said:
COKTOE said:

I've been against the idea from the very start myself.

I can't stand having celebrities in my video games. Just takes me out.

Bristow9091 said:



DonFerrari said:

He either likes Xbox or celebrities


I moonwalk away.

Makes sense kkkkkk

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I am nor a fan of horror and the trailers didnt blow me away what with the lack of information. So a meh though I hope it does well.

Was never too interested to begin with and its last showcase at E3 just cemented my indifference. If I even paid some attention to game to begin with was due to Kojima being involved.

Props to him tho, I see that Death Stranding will get critical acclaim on its pretentiousness alone.

Not interested at all. It looks confusing as hell, and we've seen no gameplay after like 3 years. I had hopes at one point when Norman Reedus and Guillermo del Toro were first revealed to be involved, that it would be a revival of Silent Hills under a different name with enough small changes to keep Konami from suing, but it is clearly something very, very different.

I'm still a bit excited, but wish we'd actually get more details about the plot.