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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Red Dead Redemption 2 or Smash Bros Ultimate, which one do you expect more ?


Your most hyped/expected game among those 2?

Super Smash Bros Ultimate 41 48.81%
Red Dead Redemption 2 43 51.19%

Tell us among those 2 games the one you have the most hype for

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Eh... I think this is a weird question, cause the games don't have much in common. I'm more of a fan of fighting games, and a big fan of Nintendo, so I'm certainly looking forward to Smash more.

What do these games have in common with eachother. Neither releases on the same platform and they could not be further apart. If anything you are asking VG which platform do you own or which genre do you think is better. Smash (since its pretty unique) or open world rpg with tps element.

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Smash, by faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar.Not saying that Red dead redemption 2 dosent deserve the hype, its just that I dont like Rockstar games.

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RDR2. There is nothing wrong with Smash, I played Smash 1 and 2 and enjoyed them (skipped 3 and 4 since I didn't own Wii or Wii U), but in the end it's nothing all that special. You can only get but so much enjoyment out of beating up people and sending them flying off the stage before it starts to feel kind of samey. It's a fun game to play for an hour or two to kill some time, or to play when you have friends over, but that's about it. A game like RDR2 with a most likely top-class story and lots of gameplay variety just offers so much more than a game like Smash does imo, if it's anything like RDR1 I'll be able to play it for marathon 8 hour spells at a time and not get bored. 

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Red Dead 2 is not comig to PC (yet) and I haven't played the first one. Smash for me.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Rockstar games are just not fun at all, and aesthetically looks horrible. Smash all day

Only common thing these games have os they are the biggest sellers for a multiplat and exclusive releasing in 2018

I don't really have very much hype for either. So it would just be a matter of a coin toss for me

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A bit random in the options tbh.