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Other M's too high, Fusion's too low.

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Fusion #7 lol. Then again it's NintendoLife so what can you expect.

I loved Metroid Other M and it's one of my favorites. The story was nice and gave personality to Samus, which i liked a lot. The cinematics were great.
Gameplay was frustrating sometimes tho but there was some nice sequences and bosses. Music was insanely good. I would put it top 5 with the 3 prime and Super Metroid.

Don't @ me

Fusion way too low.

Medisti said:
"Most Metroid fans would describe Federation Force as more of an abomination than a video game, and they're not far off the mark there."

They gave it an 8/10...

lmao, great catch.

2016 - "Despite the undue hate it has been subjected to over the past year, Metroid Prime: Federation Force is a very impressive, polished and playable package. We look forward to seeing what the future of this particular spin off holds, because as it stands right now Federation Force is an impressive and solid foundation; it's more than able to satisfy hardcore Metroid fans" (8/10)

2018 - "Most Metroid fans would describe Federation Force as more of an abomination than a video game, and they're not far off the mark there."

Obviously different writers, but it's still hilarious.

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By the way, just to make things right.

13. Metroid Prime: Federation Force
12. Metroid Prime Hunters
11. Metroid: Other M
10. Metroid
9. Metroid Prime Pinball
8. Metroid II: Return of Samus
7. Metroid: Zero Mission
6. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
5. Metroid: Samus Returns
4. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
3. Metroid Fusion
2. Metroid Prime
1. Super Metroid

I haven't played every metroid yet, but I legitimately had a better time with Metroid 2 than Other M, even by today's standards.

I make game analyses on youtube:


Shadow of the Colossus:


Based purely on how much I enjoyed them...
1. Metroid 2
2. Metroid
3. Super Metroid
4-whatever. The rest.

I'm not saying Prime was a terrible game, but I found it virtually unplayable on the Gamecube controller - the aiming was really tanky/sluggish... substantially worse than the Turok games despite having the same dev team.

The Wii port improved the aiming a lot by giving it the IR feature, and IR aiming is damn fun! Although, I didn't like the game because of its design.

First, I found the whole first-person angle removed something from the series. Instead of looking at Samus, all you see is the arm gun giving the game a somewhat empty feel... which was enough to lower my interest.

Second, I found the "scanning visor" feature to be a terribly intrusive to the experience; mostly because the game was constantly forcing the player to switch back and forth "Killed an enemy, gotta switch to the visor and give the whole room an ocular patdown!" - and scanning most items usually ended up with junk text saying something like "Green science goop dropped by a pirate." and that exact same text might be re-used across like 18 different scans. It's not like you could ever skip this process either, because if you did you could block your progress. You end up in the classic needle in a haystack issue where you're wandering the game for hours wondering just what the hell you missed... except WORSE than the 3D Zeldas of the era because you had the whole game to go back through instead of just a dungeon. Some people find this fun, I find it a boring and colossal waste of time!

There was a 2D Metroid on GBA that I thought was a neat idea, but it also came out in a time where Metroidvania was doing essentially the same thing, except better... and to be honest, I was sick of Metroidvania after Circle of the Moon, so an actual Metroid game wasn't really that interesting to me.

As bad as people find the original Metroid game, it released in a time when there was nothing quite like it on the market. I used to keep my codes on graph paper, trade them around to other kids, it was an experience to remember. I played the CRAP out of Metroid 2, hours of it sitting on a hammock between two trees by the water; the fact that there were games like this on Gameboy blew my mind.

When Super Metroid came out, I recognized it was an objectively better game - but at this time I was already hardcore into the RPG import scene; I still enjoyed it, but not nearly as much as the first two. There was a lot of stuff that was WAY cooler in it... but at the same time, it begged for greater story elements - which was becoming a major thing around this time. Maybe if that GBA (or was it DS?) Metroid came out at this time, the story would be different.

Hopefully this clears up anything for anyone who finds that my list is totally fucked =P

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Proxy-Pie said:
Other M's too high, Fusion's too low.

I'd put Metroid Prime 2 over the first one. Not only was it grislier than the other Prime games, it introduced great new mechanics, and a creepy new villain in the form of Dark Samus. ^^

If it isn't a Metroidvania game it should be at the bottom of the list. The true Metroid games should list above things like Other M, Pinball, and Hunters.