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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Storm knocked out my power last night, but the Switch keeps on gaming

Conina said:
DonFerrari said:

3h battery hardly helps on 3 days power outtage.

I usually have at least one of my two power banks fully charged. That extends the 3 - 4 hours (depending on the game) to 9 - 12 hours. My Vita Slim or 3DS XL run even ~30 hours with the power bank, my OLED Vita 20 - 25 hours.

Still isn't much on a full 3 days. But you ended up giving much better solutions.

So yep If I was looking to play through power outage I would rather pick up the Vita I paid 50 bucks than do all the sacrifices on the HW that I use daily just in case I get a power outage of 3 days that never happened in 30 years of my life. The closest I got was 1 month without power at my house because of problems on the provider, but I was more worried at lack of light to read, battery for cellphone and cold bath than if I would be playing on console or HH =p

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HintHRO said:
I will now pay 320 euros for Wii U specifications and buy more expensive, heavily downgraded Bethesda games released a year later than other versions in case my power goes down for a few minutes once every 10 years.

There is hardware with Wii U specifications that costs 320 euros!?

Its an amazing system and deserves its credit. Playing Mario Kart 8 in your hands just looks sensational. Nothing really like it. I love my Switch. Itscthe console that brought me back to Nintendo.