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Forums - Sales Discussion - Wii vs Switch vs 3DS vs PS4 : shipment accumulation by declared fiscal quarter result

This thread could seriously need new updates @Amnesia 

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StarDoor said:
Marth said:
Do you maybe have the biggest peaks of every quarter? Would love to see what the all time records for Q1-Q4 are and which console/handheld set that record.

Well, it's not really that interesting since DS holds every record.

Q1: June 2007, 6.98M
Q2: September 2008, 6.79M
Q3: December 2008, 11.89M
Q4: March 2008, 5.81M

Think NSW will eventually take the Q3 record, either this year or next year.  If they can drop the price-points to 169.99/249.99 for Lite/OG and get a new Zelda/Pokemon out next year in the holiday quarter, I think they can move 13-15M units.

The other quarters will be tough.  We'll see what happens with Q2 - given that they moved 5.7M with stock problems in Q1 this year, Q2 could be close (JP is already trending stronger and Obon will provide a boost).