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Forums - Politics Discussion - Children Drugged and Sexually Abused in Trump Camps

It's really sad to see that many people just use this for yet another battle of trump vs democrats and stuff. No one really cares about the people who are suffering. You have people trying to find something they can blame trump for and then you have people who just stick their heads in the sand over eveything and defend Trump no matter what. But who really cares about the people in this camp? No one. Absolutely no one.

My take on this: It doesn't friggin' matter who's responsible. Just do something about it to help the people ASAP. As soon as that's done, we can still argue about whose fault it was in the first place.

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TheBird said:
CaptainExplosion said:

I'd appreciate it if you took these allegations seriously.


No one should take this shit serious, no one should take you serious, this is fake, your fake. You're the fascist pig, not Trump. Look in a mirror god dammit.

This might get me banned but.....can't say I disagree.

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LOL, Rolling Stone, not exactly the most credible source. Trump Derangement Syndrome is an awful affliction, you should do something about it

Nighthawk117 said:
CaptainExplosion said:

So you're defending Trump in light of these allegations? That's just sickening.

No, your wrong again. I'm not defending Trump.  I hate the asshole. I didn't vote for him.  However, I respect the office of the Presidency no matter who sits in the oval office.  The people elected Trump.  Fair and square, and I accept that.  What I don't accept are all of these bullshit anti-Trump rants that are obvious made up stories designed to sell newspapers/serve as click-bait on the net...therefore certain people write outrageous articles only to draw attention to themselves and make some money.

1) the popular vote (most people) was won by Hillary.  Trump is in office because the american voteing system isnt fair.

2) Russian Propaganda campagnes on social media helped Trump. Again this isnt really a fair way to win.
Without this, he likely wouldnt have won the election.

3) People that only cry fake news, without siteing the reason for such, as just as bad as those that promote fake news, if not worse.
We live in a enlightened age, things writen are either proven true or false, but assumeing everything writen by news sites is false, is like going back to the dark ages.

Even if this was true, how is it Trump's fault? Is the president somehow responsible for the actions of every sick individual in the country?
And how do people suppose the illegal border activity should be fixed? The illegal parents (sometimes they aren't even the parents of the kids they're with) need to be processed and the kids have to go somewhere for the duration. Should they just be left at the border by themselves, or what? Or maybe go into the real cells where adults are kept?
Or should these people maybe not try to cross the border illegally and endanger their kids doing so? Should the Mexican people maybe take their country back from the drug cartels and corrupt politicians so that they don't have to risk everything trying to get into another country unlawfully?
Maybe the US could make this a joint military operation with them, just go in there and wipe the cartels out. That would be win-win.

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rollingstoned is fake news, nice try.


If this is true, it's not Drumpf or Obama at fault but rather the people working at ICE. It would be molestors employing molestors. It's disgusting and needs to stop, if happening. Nothing positive to add to that in such a disgusting situation and don't feel like joking even about the USA. Just sad

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also

LiquorandGunFun said:
rollingstoned is fake news, nice try.

CTV is also reporting this.

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also

Eagle367 said:
LiquorandGunFun said:
rollingstoned is fake news, nice try.

CTV is also reporting this.

With their own sources and facts? Not saying this is fake news, but plenty of times all it takes is one news source to run something and then all the others run that story based off that story.

I mean how much coverage did that Rolling Stones article get about some girl getting gang raped by a fraternity, which turned out to be a complete lie.

Again, not saying this story is false. The fake part though is the blaming of Trump. Trump is not responsible for whatever ICE happens to be doing "illegally". Just as I don't blame Obama for this issue, if it had made the news waves back in 2014 when it apparently had started. I mean Teachers are government employees, should we start blaming Trump for each teacher that rapes an under aged child?

CaptainExplosion said:
TheLegendaryWolf said:

Wasn't it you who said you wanted to see President Trump assassinated? If so yes, you indeed are an extremist. If not you are known for your frequent anti-trump threads that goes beyond conventional hate, which in my opinion can be seen as extreme.

Well I don't want him assassinated now, but I still utterly despise him and want him impeached.

It's obvious that he's keeping these children in what amount to prison camps, and his collusion with Russia makes him a traitor, so no, he did not win fair and square, and was not elected by the American people.

"his collusion with Russia"

the united states has been in collusion with russia for decades in different areas... most notably the space program:

"Russia and the United States have agreed to cooperate on a Nasa-led programme to build the first lunar space station, part of a long-term project to send humans to Mars."

the real question here is why are people so easily manipulated with bullshit and i'll let you use your own discretion to tell what bullshit i'm referring to