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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS4/PS4Pro: Spiderman Bundle Revealed

Mospeada21CA said:
Burning Typhoon said:
That's 100% Venom's spider emblem. Why does Spider-Man have it?

omg...spoiler tags please... [no spoils/end spoiling... :( ]

Now where did my html coding textbook go?

What spoiler?  Look at any picture of venom....

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Wonder what the resale value on this will be? I let my son take the PS4 into his room, but I’ve been dragging it out every time I have online league games in Madden, plus last time I brought it out, I got back into Horizon and it clicked with me in ways it didn’t in 2017. So I’m going to buy a second PS4 to go in my entertainment room alongside the Scorpio. I’m considering a Pro but idk.

But I was thinking I could buy the SM Pro bundle then flip it. My brother can hold one for me at his job and with his discount I’ll pay about $390. So even if I sell it for like $450 I’m making a nice profit. But is there demand? Regular Pro consoles seem to not be getting restocked. My bro said it’s been weeks since his store even saw one and same for nearby stores. Wtf is going on there?