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Forums - Politics Discussion - #Walkaway: What is your opinion?

Stefan.De.Machtige said:
Jumpin said:
You guys in the US do realize all of your politics that you fanatically follow are a bunch of bullshit that never amount to anything?

They're designed to distract your asses while the government dumps your nation's money by the trillions into the military industrial complex where it funnels down into the pockets of international holding companies. While you're squabbling over gay cakes and how you fund your healthcare, you give next to no resistance against the fact that your republican government is ass raping your publicly owned and funded coffers.

Strange how it is more controversial that the money gets used to help your people than it is to see many times more that amount get stolen by these military industrial complex holding companies.

The biggest destraction is meant to shield the Federal reserve from oversight. The dollar fiat scam is the biggest, global scam the elites have running. The MIC enriching itself is just a consequence of that scam.

"The biggest destraction is meant to shield the Federal reserve from oversight. The dollar fiat scam is the biggest, global scam the elites have running."

the hilarious thing to me is that leftists will call you a conspiracy theorist for saying that and blame capitalists for the degenerating financial system without realising who has been promoting the socialism and communism belief systems that many of them follow so blindly and most importantly why

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eva01beserk said:
Eagle367 said:

I'm not saying Palestinian leadership is innocent. But it's like this: you have two people who hate each other and one has a rock while the other a bomb. Our worry has to be one who is more dangerous. The worst the rock will do is blind people while the bomb can destroy them. So we have to take the weapons away from them before we can have a resolution. The one with the bomb i.e Israel is more dangerous. We neutralise big brother first them small brother is very easy.

Also both democrats and republicans are tools of oligarchs so screw both

Insane argument. Again war going on since forever. Both had ups and down. Cuz one side is wining they dont automatically become the bad guys. Only reason one side is dominating now is because is allied with all the powerfull nations. I say stay out it. Nothing good will come from anyone getting in the middle. Im sick and tired of the US getting drag into another war because we have to pretend to be world police.

I'm not for US intervention anywhere. Screw the US. I'm saying the war is a modern thing. It's not even a century. This isn't an old war on any way. And both sides are not reasonable but one is a mega threat with a nuke and nekanyahu as the leader while the other who doesn't have enough of a government to even defend against illegal settlements of the israleis which is a well documented fact so don't even try to argue about illegal settlements. The world understands the urgency to solve this lest it cause something much more major to happen that affects the world. And to do that you have to devise a strategy and in a strategy worth it's salt, the bigger threat is always considered first. A country with a nuke will always be first priority especially when it acts as Israel does. People talk about North Korea and Iran but Israel is also a ticking time bomb. What If Israel attacks Iran and uses one of it's nukes? The instability makes things very dangerous to deal with. What if Israel nukes Palestine? You have to take the bigger threat more seriously especially in an almost child like squabble like over there where no side is reasonable not even the so called arbiters i.e the US

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also

I think that #walkAway is more of a campaign for the republicans than a movement.

But even then there is a reason for it. I mean, when "It's okay to be white" posters become forbidden and labeled as "hate speech", there is something wrong. It pisses me off, that I have to always say that like a trademark-slogan, but I am not a racist. The most racist people I met were black people, which is quite funny. Their attitude toward white people is way more racist than the other way around.

I still think Trump is an idiot though. He is just not qualified enough for the international business / economy / trade deals. He shot America in its own foot with their tradewar against Canada, Mexico, EU and China. What did he expect here? all other countries would not respond?

So, in a word: The liberals are going too far and Trump is stupid. Very poor situation to be in.

Imagine not having GamePass on your console...

I found their logo


Which is actually alright, I suppose, if they're not competent enough to effectively debate their policy positions within their own party.

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

Its all group thought. Now we are supposed to believe that Republicans have all answers? Why? Why are we supposed to have Democrats or Republicans. I think it is always suspect when you see repeated messages over and over again like this. Neither side is perfect but trying to institutionalize the demonization of Democrats is just an attempt to spread group thought. It robs people of the ability to think for themselves outside of the established ideologies.