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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony's Stock Hits 10-Year High

RespectDecena said:

LMMFAO!! I've never seen that before and it just hit me hard.

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All right, good job Sony.

I think this is a pretty good sign that Sony is going to make sure they make all the right moves with PS5, so that the launch of that can go at least as well as PS4 did. God knows, I’m sure they don’t want to risk losing 10’s of billions again.

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But Sony is dead.

Sony eating!

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I still remember the Sony are doomed days fondly. Great news. Long may it last.

Bandorr said:
Rats there goes my strategy. I was going to wait for all the people that own Sony stock to sell them because they couldn't play Fortnite with xbox and switch users. Then I was going to go in and buy up all the stock.

Oh well. Thanks a lot Sony for actually doing well.

Where did you get this idea from!?

That's nice at all, but there has been a massive run up in almost all stock markets worldwide for the last several years. Tons of companies are at or near their all-time highs.

Wait there total value is only $65billion.. i thought they were alot higher than that.

Seems like those 2 years to go bankrupt haven't come yet.

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