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The problem with VR that I see is that there are not enough notable titles being made that utilize it or, more importantly, require it. Resident Evil 7 made a big splash but then there wasn't anything coming soon enough after that really mattered to anyone. If we get a string of big games that utilize and/or require VR... then VR might actually start taking off. But as long as we're not getting enough developers taking a plunge so that we have a year or two where big VR games are being consistently released and generating buzz then VR will continue to be where it's at. Nearly every game on VR looks like it is a throw away title. Companies like Sony need to be putting together multiple, quality teams making big VR experiences. Honestly, if I were Sony, I'd throw a big sack of cash at Bandai Namco to make an exclusive Gundam VR title and have Japan Studio work closely with them on it.

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Very interesting, and could be really fun creating stuff. Looking forward to seeing how it handles in that department. At the very least, games like LBP and SMM have shown how great community created content can be on consoles. I've been stubbornly waiting for another PSVR price drop, but I think I'm going to go buy one tomorrow. Shake out those sillies and move forward. I already have RE7 and Megadimension Neptunia VIIR. Virtual Nep is worth it all on it's own.

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